Self Storage to Accommodate Life’s Changes

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There are many reasons why a person may need self storage. However, there is one all encompassing theme: Changes in life. Of course, life is always moving along and throwing us curve balls day-to-day. But there are instances where a curve ball is more like a wrecking ball, and our definition of “normal life” has to change in order for us to move on. When that happens, self storage is one way to help regain normalcy and adjust to whatever life has thrown at you.

Getting down to YOUR business

Home businesses often benefit greatly from utilizing self storage.

So having your small online business in your house is great, but are you drowning in inventory waiting to be delivered? Maybe you need more room to keep materials like cloth, wood, paper supplies etc. Investing in storage may be the best thing you ever did for your business! Self storage is a fantastic option for small businesses who need more space, but don’t need, or want to pay for, a storefront. Also, If you have a partner or roommate that you share your living/business space with, they will thank you for having another space to expand the business into that isn’t the kitchen.

Seasonal Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Self storage is great for keeping your seasonal decorations in top condition for the next season.

Maybe you have an incredible outdoor Christmas display that is also taking up an incredible amount of space in your garage. How about all the different pieces of decor you have for every holiday or season that are taking up valuable space? Why not take the things that you have put away at least three-fourths of the year and keep them in self storage? We have all sizes of storage units to fit your needs, starting with our low priced 5x5 units! Reclaiming the extra space you will have after rehoming these generally unused items will make you wonder why you didn’t do this earlier!

Don’t Get Rid of Your Specialty Vehicles

Specialty vehicles of all varieties can be kept in better condition by using self storage.

Classic cars, Boats, RVs, jet skis, motorcycles etc. You know you will want to use or show them off...eventually. Perhaps you live in a neighborhood with a strict homeowners’ association that doesn’t let you park boats, RVs or large trucks in the neighborhood. It is important to keep these vehicles in a safe, clean space so they are ready to use even after possible years of storage. That being said, there are many factors to consider when deciding on what kind of self-storage unit is right for your special vehicle. Make sure to check out our page on storing specialty vehicles here!

Little Bundles of Joy and Big Life Changes

Preparing for a new baby doesn't have to mean giving away your old things - store the until you're able to buy a bigger house or your child has grown up.

There’s nothing more exciting than the anticipation of a new member to your family. There’s also nothing more stressful than trying to make room for your new edition. If you need to clear out that spare room that’s acted as storage for the past few years, Lockaway Storage can help you hold on to those belongings until you need them! It’s also a great option for storing items that your child may need to grow into or use over time.

Home From College

College students can take advantage of self storage during the summer instead of driving home with all your things.

Whether you or your child is home for the summer, or maybe in transition from one university to another, chances are there may be an excess of things needing a home. Why not put those belongings in self storage instead of taking up room that you may have already filled up since they left? Unless you don’t mind some extra neon beer signs popping up around your living room, or a second hand futon with questionable stains adorning your garage.

Handling Inherited Belongings

In the event of a loved one passing away, in addition to the emotional stress, there is more to be done. Our professional self storage experts will be there to help anyone who might find themselves with a whole house full of belongings: some of which may need to be sorted, washed, sold etc. It is their job to help guide you through the self storage process. The burden of handling the arrangements for these items can be lessened by using self storage to take care of them at your own pace.

Keep Your Hobbies Alive!

Running out of space doesn't mean having to give up your hobbies - rent a self storage unit and keep your things out of the way when necessary.

Are you finding it hard to keep your favorite hobby alive because you lack the space to keep or do it in? How about renting a self storage unit? From sports equipment and woodworking materials, to band practice don’t let your dream hobby be just a dream! With the extra space leasing a unit will afford you, you may even be able to take your hobby to the next level. Etsy won’t know what hit it!

Separating from a Partner

Two people can accumulate many items over the course of a relationship. Some shared, some personal. But what happens when all of those belongings are divided up and it’s time to live in separate accommodations? Taking care of all those items may be overwhelming in a time when you’re emotionally and financially tired. Having the option to store belongings in self-storage allows for a person to unpack, re-organize, sell items, etc. in their own time.

Downsize Your Home, But Not Your Belongings

When downsizing your home, self storage is great for keeping the things you love, even if they don't all fit in your new home.

Maybe you’ve decided that since the kids have moved out and started their own families, it’s time to move to a comfortable home for an individual or couple. Or perhaps moving from your country estate to a city condo means overall less storage. Whatever the case, you will thank yourself for leasing a storage unit. Doing so will allow you to maintain the belongings you love while keeping your new home free from clutter and afford you space to breath.

When Mother Nature Throws a Curveball

If your home or business has been damaged, chances are you will need self storage to help maintain order while you clean up the mess that Mother Nature has left for you. Let our self storage experts help you through this difficult time by assisting you through the self storage process. Clearing the interior of your property will be crucial in repairing the damage made by wind and water. Having a clean, dry place to put your belongings will help calm your nerves as you begin the process of rebuilding your life.

When Mother Nature strikes - be it a tornado, flood, or anything else - self storage can help you get through the challenging times with ease.

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