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Lockaway Storage - Crestway

7095 Crestway, San Antonio, TX 78239

Office Hours Now Closed
  • MON - FRI9:30am - 6pm
  • SAT8am - 4:30pm
  • SUNClosed
Gate Hours Now Open
  • Daily6am - 10pm

Closed for lunch from 2:00-2:30 M-F and 1:00-1:30 Saturday.

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Storage Customer Reviews

Brandon Golob

1 year ago
Martin did a great job making accommodations for us. we have used this facility for 8 years now and wouldn't go anywhere else

Sonja Errington

2 years ago
The facility Manager helped me find storage, A moving truck all in one stop. This place is awesome with great staff I would recommend to anyone who is looking for storage.

Rachel Rudloff

2 years ago
Very helpful service

Jennifer Martinez

2 years ago
I was having a hard time finding a storage and came upon crestway storage and I'm absolutely glad I did. Great customer service from Martin and very professional and very friendly. I high recommend this storage!

joella brooks

2 years ago
Mr. Martin very knowledgeable, friendly and went above and beyond to find the right storage and rate. Will recommend

James Walker

1 year ago
Martin was very friendly and accommodating.

daunte mathis

2 years ago
Martin took care of me very well, very nice guy! Feel really good about this storage facility

audrey maldonado

2 years ago
First time getting storage. Great customer service from martin

JessePattie Nieto

1 year ago
The Mgr here is so nice and personable. Very knowledgeable I'll refer all my family in advance !!!! Thank you so much

Chicka Montalvan

1 year ago
Upon renting a storage from this Lockaway. I felt the office Manager/or supervisor was more then helpful and nice which made the experience and business go even smoother. Highly appreciated to Mr. Martin for helping us out and making things alot easier Highly recommended!

Jae Holdy

1 year ago
very nice storage facility. friendly manager, super clean. thank you

Jesstin Nieto

1 year ago
Very happy people there my dad has been renting for about 5 months and they are always welcoming! I will refer friends to Lockaway.

Miosha Evans

1 year ago
Martin Garza is a wonderful guy!!!! He helped me and my mother we loved his great personality and his no hassle attitude. Thank you for making a ruff situation not so tough.

O Vega

1 year ago
Very Helpful, Friendly Managment, Well Maintained & Fair Prices for Storage Units. =)

Robert Riley

1 year ago
I'm in the Military, and I stored my car here while I went out of town. Sergio was great, he convinced me after he mentioned how secured the facility is. The staff is well-trained and informative. Good Job!

Sheridan Bell

1 year ago
Martin is very helpful and friendly. Happy with our experience!

Jared Bolding

1 year ago
Very helpful! I've never had a storage unit before and it was made very easy

Cindy Harvey

1 year ago
They grinded off the old lock which had lost keys for free as long as I bought a lock from them which would be comparable to Home Depot or Lowes

Alex Mendiola

1 year ago
Staff is very respectful and kind moreover the prices are real good!

Veronica Encino

11 months ago
I have never been to a more clean and organized facility! The property is convenient to access and the management team is the best perk of all!! Thank you Martin & Marcus for everything!!!!!!

Face Painting

7 months ago
Mr.Garza was helpful and in good spirits. Well use again

Cj Satterwhite

6 months ago
The assistant manager there ,Andrea Martinez, is great!!! Very professional,polite ,and understanding!!! A big help and asset to the location.

James M. Sullivan

1 year ago
I've had a storage unit at the same location for 5 years now and in mid-2016 the owners sold it to Lockaway Storage. I was told that my monthly rent would not be raised and that I would be "Grandfathered-In", but recently I was locked out of the storage facility and when I went to find out the problem, I was told that my rent had gone from $105/mo. to $150/mo. but I never received a notice from them about the rent raise. I was forced that day to pay the extra $45 so I could access my storage unit. My stuff was basically held hostage and I was extorted. The new owners/management are horrible. I'm sure if they see this I will get evicted, but it needs to be said, so others don't get the same treatment I received.
See all Reviews

Storage Facility Amenities17 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Climate Control
  • Commercial Storage
  • Delivery Acceptance
  • Drive-up Access
  • EZ Access
  • EZ Drive In
  • EZ Drive Thru
  • Gated Entry
  • Interior Hallway
  • On-site Management
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Online Rental
  • RV, Car, Boat
  • Rental by Phone
  • Roll Up Doors

Storage in San Antonio, TX

Our storage facility is easy to find and packs all the amenities you’re looking for. We’re located just off the O’Connor Road and Crestway Road intersection, on the same street as Shell, 7-Eleven, Dollar General, and Crestway Animal Clinic. We’re also just a short drive away from Randolph Air Force Base, making us the perfect storage solution for military families in need of more space!

Wherever you live in northeast San Antonio, our team is proud to serve you. Many of our customers come from the communities of Windrest, Longhorn, Live Oak, Universal City, Converse, Kirby, Martinez, and downtown San Antonio. We’re the premier storage facility in town, offering climate-controlled storage, 24-hour security cameras, onsite truck rental, affordable packing supplies, and online bill pay!

Our customers love the fact that we provide extended access hours every day of the week. Rather than rushing to our facility over your lunch break or leaving work early just to pick up an item from your unit, you can visit at your leisure anytime between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. We also offer extended office hours, with our team in the office Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., allowing you to get the assistance you need when you need it!

Self Storage Milestone: Happy 8-Year Anniversary to Martin Garza!

Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio, TX team member Martin Garza, who is celebrating his 8-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage.

Martin is the Facility Manager at Lockaway Storage – Crestway.

Colby: Get me up to speed, what anniversary are you celebrating?

Martin: It will be my eighth year.

Colby: Congratulations to you. Eight years ago when you originally applied, what was it about Lockaway that made you want to work in self-storage?

Martin: At first I was just looking for a job. I might have fibbed a little and said I wanted to learn a new job so I actually applied for assistant manager but I started out as the maintenance person. I did that for three years.

Colby: Cool! Just worked your way up?

Martin: I did!

Colby: What would you say is the biggest thing you’ve learned about the industry in the last eight years?

Martin: Customer service! The best thing I’ve learned about customer service is you have to be on-point 100% of the time. If it wasn’t for my leaders like Tristina and Ashley and Amy, to guide me and teach me and coach me about customer service. I think that was the biggest thing I learned. And technology too. Back then we didn’t work very much with Google and stuff like that. Technology is just taking off.

Colby: And that’s true of just about everything anymore right?

Martin: Exactly.

“Martin is a unique person. He’s a man’s man. He’s really intelligent when it comes to doing things that are mechanical or electrical. He’s always breaking down stuff, fixing stuff, repairing stuff and he’s a straight shooter. He tells it like it is and he runs a tight ship.”

Henry Medrano, Lockaway Storage District Manager

Colby: What do you outside of work for fun? What are some of your hobbies?

Martin: I used to go hunting and fishing, but I don’t do very much of that anymore. Now it’s more burning wood for a campfire.

Colby: Do you have a work story that you like to tell to your friends or family?

Martin: Actually when I started assistant managing and moving in people, customer service was big. Because apparently when I first rented for a tenant, they came by the next day and they came to my office and they said they were ready to get unloaded. I asked if they hired movers and they said “Well no, I thought you would move us in.” I guess I didn’t do a very good job of explaining that they would need to move their stuff inside the unit themselves. I did help them move some of their stuff in there, so lesson learned. You’ve gotta make sure you know every detail.

Martin Garza is the Facility Manager at Lockaway Storage on Crestway.

Colby: Sure. What is your favorite restaurant?

Martin: I moved here about two years ago. Before I moved here, there was a restaurant across from my work called Mama G’s and she made soul food. And I had to smell that food for at least three years across the street. Oh my goodness it was so good.

Colby: I may have to look that one up. I love soul food.

Martin: Like I said, every day I smelled it. I still smell it thinking of it now!

Colby: You may have to pay that place a visit. Go have yourself a treat for your eight year anniversary.

Martin: There you go!

“Martin was hired by the maintenance department about a month after I was hired 8 years ago. I was a manager at Loop 410 at the time and he would spend one full day a week at my store and he helped me SO MUCH back in the day. He made it so much easier for me to be a manager, because he took care of me and my property. Martin is someone who really cares about his customers. He really makes it a point to get to know them through stories and to advocate for them if they have trouble with anything.”

Ashley Montessoro, Human Resources Administrator

Colby: Is there anybody you’d like to give a shout out to for helping you achieve eight years?

Martin: You know, I always look to the present. So even though Tristina and Ashley and Amy helped me out a lot, I’d like to give a shout out to my boss, his name is Henry Medrano, I want to thank him. I’m a stubborn person and he’s a person that he listens to me and makes sure I don’t get too out of hand.

Colby: Martin, I’ll look forward to talking to you next year for your ninth anniversary!