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You may not know, but Lockaway Storage has office space in a variety of sizes in the San Antonio metro area. Attached storage units allow for easy storage and access of supplies, documents and inventory. Our facilities are proud to contribute to the local economy by providing clean, affordable office and storage options that allow small business owners to easily expand or shrink according to their needs.

Online Retail

If you’re operating an online retail store, one of the biggest concerns can be storage space. Once you’re ready for it, opening your office at Lockaway Storage will allow you to easily grow and shrink your storage space when you launch the next hit or run into a seasonal slowdown.

Flex Offices

Accountants and Insurance Agents

Accounting and insurance offices, by their very nature, have a need for reliable, long-term storage of documents, combined with a small need for space. Where better to solve that problem than at Lockaway Storage?! Our offices are large enough to allow for several desks for agents, and you’ll never have to drive across town to access your old records.

Office Space


Available at the following locations:



There are many other businesses that can easily be run out of our small offices. Any small business that handles items for sale, or has a need for keeping physical records, is an ideal fit for having an office at a Lockaway Storage facility. Import/export, clothing sales, eBay and Amazon picker - the possibilities are endless. How will you use self storage to grow your business?

Business Space


Safe, secure document storage and professional office space in a convenient location. Sounds like a legal professional’s dream! Our offices are perfect for lawyers, clerks and all members of the legal community. Whether you’re just starting out or well established and looking to move to a flexible, more affordable space, Lockaway Storage’s offices are a great alternative to traditional office buildings.


Secure Document Storage

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