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7 Simple DIY Upgrades You Can Tackle To Add Value To Your Home

Lockaway Storage | July 15, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

DIY repairs and upgrades can be an easy, economical way to add value to your home. Before you begin your projects, you’ll want to determine the current value of your home and whether repairs make sense for you. If you’re ready to dig into some upgrades, here are seven spots where you should start.

Repair Holes and Marks on Walls

Over time the interior of your house may start to look a little tired. One of the simplest solutions to this problem is to fix any holes, scratches or scuffs and add a couple of fresh coats of paint. This may involve buying spackling, drywall tape, or wire mesh. You can find out the best method for filling the spaces or holes in your walls here.

If you decide that you would like to update the paint on the walls of your house, check out this article from While it is generally safe and accepted to paint walls with neutral colors, doing so allows buyers to imagine their ideal colors. The article suggests that choosing certain colors for different rooms may help you sell your home for more.

Build a Small Deck or Patio

People love spending time in their backyards, so add value to yours with a simple deck or patio. In less than a day, you can put together a backyard space anyone can enjoy by using a bit of lumber for a deck or some bags of concrete to create a patio. Be sure to protect wood with a good coat of varnish and think about adding in a little fire pit while you’re at it.

Rip Out That Old Carpet

Carpet is a dying trend with most new homes, so it’s a good time get rid of yours. Use a utility knife to rip up that old carpeting and think about replacing it with tile, vinyl, or laminate planks. These options are easier to handle for the weekend DIYer and affordable too. That being said, it is important to note that not all vinyl and laminate planks are created equal. So make sure to do your research before you find that “perfect plank” that may end up being warped or look old in just a few years time. Here is a good blog that will give you a brief introduction to this great DIY upgrade.

Nix Popcorn Ceilings

Nothing screams outdated like good old popcorn ceiling. If you have those lumpy, textured ceilings, you can add appeal to your home by simply doing away with them. If you have a home built before 1978 with popcorn ceilings make sure to test your ceiling for asbestos.  

It’s a messy job that has multiple steps, but this is an upgrade that is well worth the effort. If your popcorn ceilings have been painted over, the process will be noticeably more difficult and you may want to evaluate all your options before starting.

Assuming your entire house has this, we recommend tackling this project one room at a time. For larger rooms (i.e. living rooms, finished basements etc.) you may want to divide the work into smaller sections. If this project seems up your alley, roll up your sleeves and give your ceiling a makeover that can take 30 years off your home and make the difference when it comes time to sell.

Add Low-Maintenance Plants to Your Yard

Any project that adds curb appeal is worth your time and money, so think about upgrading your yard. Choose plants that are durable and do not require a lot of care to thrive. Shrubs can be a simple solution to adding appeal to your yard without adding a lot of watering and attention. Also think about cost-effective methods to make your yard more attractive. A new layer of mulch or some trim can go a long way in adding value to your property.

When it comes to grass, maintaining a healthy lawn over time will be extremely helpful when it comes time to sell. If you don’t have a few years to get your lawn in shape, focus on making sure it is as green as possible with fertilizer and scheduled watering.

Create Warmth With New Lighting

Lighting can be the key to selling a home, so pay attention to the light in yours. Install modern fixtures with multiple bulbs to add some fresh lighting to your rooms. If you have older bulbs, consider switching to LED’s, which will save you on your power bill and help attract energy-conscious homebuyers later on down the road. Depending on how much you spend on new LED lights, consider if you want to leave the lights or take them with you as you negotiate.

Get Rid of Grime Inside and Out

Cleaning is one of the most cost-effective, uncomplicated upgrades you can make to your home. Take time to declutter visible spaces and put any storage to good use. Clean out gutters and porches, and clean stucco and brick with a garden hose. Use a pressure washer to rinse stains off of wood walls and sturdier siding. Inside, be sure to pay attention to baseboards and little nooks that you’ve missed over the years.

Adding value to your home can be as simple as taking a few weekends to complete some DIY projects. Know what work will, add the most potential to your property and take steps to plan and prepare for the job.

It is highly suggested to consider the cost of tools, time, and learning curve some of these projects may require to ensure you get a good return on your investment. Stick to projects you know you can handle and get your home set up to sell for more money and in less time once it’s on the market.

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