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Storage During a Renovation

Tall Pines Storage | October 12, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Considering a home makeover? Don't overlook the significance of arranging temporary storage while you start your remodeling journey. Just like selecting the perfect tile or paint shade, securing a temporary storage solution is just as important. Remember, extensive projects might span months and make specific rooms unusable. 

Tall Pines Storage has some super handy tips to help get you through your next home project and make your dream home come true!

Temporary Storage in Your Home 

Whether you're tackling a kitchen or family room renovation, it's necessary to clear out all items from the designated construction zone. Take stock of available spaces within your home, like the garage or a spare room, where you can safely stow these belongings for the duration of the construction phase.

To make this a hassle-free process, consider posing some essential questions while packing: Do you think you will need any of these items soon, or can they be stored in boxes during the project? For the items needing more frequent access, make sure they're easily reachable or visible. Less crucial belongings can be placed towards the rear of the storage area.

Something you will thank yourself for during and after your project will be labeling each box and what resides in it. This makes it easier to retrieve items in a last-minute situation.  

Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen renovations can be particularly disruptive, demanding additional storage and meticulous planning. It's essential to ensure you can maintain your daily routines, including meals and functionality, despite the potential unexpected construction delays that may arise.

Consider utilizing available spaces like your basement or outdoor areas such as a garage for temporary kitchen storage. However, a critical factor in successfully implementing this solution will be ensuring you have access to water. 

All that's necessary is a table, a microwave, a mini refrigerator, and adequate space for meal preparation and dining. You might also consider adding a small hotplate for an additional cooking area. For those fortunate to possess an outdoor living area, it can become an ideal kitchen substitute, though this kitchen substitute depends on the weather in your area. The option of food delivery is always available as well.

Self Storage Options When You Remodel 

If you're like the majority of individuals and lack the luxury of having extra space, a home renovation project often involves the challenge of locating additional space that is simply unavailable. This situation becomes particularly relevant if you intend to utilize your garage for vehicle parking or storing seasonal equipment and other items. Instead of enduring cramped living conditions for an extended period, consider opting for a self-storage unit.

Depending on what part of the house you are renovating, that will decide on what size storage unit is needed. You will also want to consider getting a climate-controlled unit for storing household items.

Tall Pines Storage offers a multitude of storage unit choices to assist you in securely storing your belongings throughout your remodel.

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