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What to Store in Drive-Up Storage Units

Lockaway Storage | July 8, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

When it comes to storage, convenience is everything. And drive-up units rule especially in terms of simple access and hassle-free storage. Load and unload your car directly at the unit to save yourself the trouble of navigating convoluted facilities. What should you be considering for storage in these convenient drive-up units? Let's investigate a few strong contenders:


Cars and other vehicles are the most obvious choice for drive-up storage. Drive-up units are a great solution for anyone who needs to temporarily store an extra vehicle, or those who enjoy cars and have limited garage space. Knowing your wheels are safe and readily available whenever you need them can help you to relax, whether you're storing a boat, car, or RV.

Bigger Appliances and Furnishings

Say goodbye to the days of steering large furniture through cramped passageways and small doors. Drive-up storage lets you bid farewell to those moving day problems. From big refrigerators and washing machines to heavy sofas and king-sized mattresses, drive-up units make it easy to unload bigger pieces of furniture and equipment straight from your moving truck.

Outdoor Essentials

Weary of dragging your seasonal holiday décor, yard decorations, and patio furniture to and from your storage unit? Say no more! Drive-up storage units are a practical way to keep all your outside necessities. These units provide simple access for all your outdoor storage requirements, whether your lawn mower is being stored for the winter or your beloved Christmas decorations until next year.

Commercial and Business Equipment 

Accessibility is absolutely vital in the hectic corporate environment of today. Drive-up storage facilities are thus a common solution for keeping commercial equipment and corporate supplies. These units provide the flexibility and convenience you need to remain organized and effective whether your firm is tiny and you need additional inventory space or a contractor needing fast access to tools and equipment.

Although drive-up storage units provide unmatched convenience, it's important to keep in mind that not everything will fit them. To guarantee their preservation, delicate items and sensitive materials prone to high temperatures should be kept in climate-controlled units. For anything else, though—from furniture and cars to outdoor gear and work tools—drive-up storage units offer the best of both worlds, convenience and accessibility combined. So, why wait? Discover today's drive-up storage's ease by driving on into Lockaway Storage!

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