Winter Coats Hanging up with the Lockaway Storage logo on the bottom right and the For The Sake Of One logo on the bottom left

Share the Warmth: Lockaway Storage and For The Sake Of One Team Up for Coat Drive

Lockaway Storage | December 13, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

As the first whisper of frost paints the air and holiday lights twinkle against the darkening sky, Texarkana's spirit takes on a new glow. Fueled by the season's magic and the unwavering kindness of its residents, a wave of festive warmth surges through the city, finding its anchor in a remarkable partnership between Lockaway Storage and For The Sake of One.

From November 15th to December 15th, six Lockaway Storage locations have festive drop-off boxes in their offices. Their mission? To host a winter coat drive, blanketing the city in kindness and ensuring no neighbor shivers through the winter months.

The drive embraces inclusivity with wide-open arms, welcoming gently used and new coats in sizes from 2T to adult, wrapping everyone in the comfort of community care. No shivering chin or chattering tooth will be left unaddressed in Texarkana this winter.

For The Sake of One, a local beacon of hope for families and individuals navigating life's challenges, will be the grateful recipient of this outpouring of holiday generosity. Their tireless work in strengthening the community creates a perfect synergy with Lockaway Storage's initiative, highlighting the power of collaboration in weaving a net of support across Texarkana.

As the drive approaches its December 15th finale, anticipation thrums through the air. Hope whispers that the goals will not only be met but surpassed, transforming mountains of donated coats into havens of winter warmth. Each garment, a silent symphony of community spirit, will echo through the months, a testament to the power of collective action to paint the coldest season with heartwarming hues.

So, Texarkana, let's join hands and answer the call! Open your closets, dust off the gently used, and unearth the brand new. From cozy fleece jackets to playful snowsuit ensembles, let's fill the drop-off bins with the joyous spirit of the season. Head to your nearest participating Lockaway Storage location during business hours, and together, let's weave a blanket of community care that stretches across our city, leaving no one out in the cold.

This holiday season, let's make Texarkana a haven of festive cheer, proving that when we face the winter hand-in-hand, our hearts burn brightest with shared warmth. Join the coat drive, donate a coat, and become a part of Texarkana's beautiful story of holiday hope and community spirit.

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