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Lockaway Storage | August 9, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Part of Lockaway Storage’s corporate mission is to better the communities in which we operate. We believe that businesses have a moral obligation to do what they can to help. To this end, we empower our team to support community organizations that provide assistance and charity to some of San Antonio’s neediest.

lockaway storage construction in san antonio

Construction at Lockaway Storage – Shaenfield in San Antonio, Texas.

You may not know that our commitment to the community extends farther than the charity campaigns our team spearheads every year. As a property management company, we want to keep our commitment to community service in mind when undertaking construction projects. During the last year, we have started a number of renovations and ground-up expansions in San Antonio. Two of the biggest are currently underway at our Shaenfield and WW White locations.

“The reason for expanding at WW White was easy. The facility consistently maintained an occupancy rate in the mid-to-high nineties for many years.” Don Clausen, Lockaway Storage CEO, said. “The other thing that we liked about this project is that it is very similar to our Military project. The facility is in an area that has the opportunity to experience gentrification. This is an opportunity to invest in the east side of San Antonio by putting in a new, state of the art expansion and completely renovating this first generation facility.”

Self storage development often has the unique opportunity to breath new life into older, neglected properties. By updating the aesthetics of a large property, self storage companies like Lockaway Storage help revitalize whole communities.

construction at lockaway storage ww white in san antonio

Construction on an expansion project at Lockaway Storage – WW White in San Antonio, Texas.

New, affordable self storage is also an economic boon for small businesses in the area. After these construction projects are complete, there will be a new supply of storage that will be affordable for small business owners. Self storage is a great stepping stone for small businesses that are too small to rent office space, but too large to run from home. The WW White expansion will consist of 400 non-climate control units with breezeway access.

The Shaenfield project will rebuild and renovate a number of extra large units that were damaged in 2016. These units are most often used by local businesses to store equipment, inventory, and other materials.

Lockaway Storage wants to grow along with the communities in which we are located. We hope our new developments help revitalize the neighborhoods both aesthetically and economically. Have an idea on how we can make one of our many San Antonio self storage facilities better? Talk to your facility manager and we may just use your suggestion!

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