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Lockaway Storage - Shaenfield: Gives Customers Some Holiday Cheer

Lockaway Storage | December 27, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

What’s better than chilly winter weather and hot chocolate? Well, when it’s free and comes with a smile! This Christmas you may have been given some goodies from a friendly face if you came into Lockaway Storage - Shaenfield.

Saturday, December 22nd we showed our customers how much we value their business by gifting them a sweet little package of hot chocolate mix, a candy cane, and a Hershey’s Kiss! People who walked into the office to pay their rent were handed the beautifully wrapped gift, with the option of making a warm cup right there. Those working in their storage units had the package hand-delivered and were given the option to come down and heat up some water for instant cocoa.

The Assistant Manager at Lockaway Storage - Shaenfield, said the self storage team even continued giving out packets of cocoa up until recently! They had quite a few leftovers and actually ended up gifting a local mom with enough for her six children to enjoy. “Yes, they do get shocked. I would say, you know these tenants come in once a month or so and they’ll complain about what’s going on in their lives, just doing that, listening to them, it makes them feel so much better,” said the team member.

What better way to say thank you? Sure the holidays are nice for celebrating family and friends, but we wanted to celebrate you as a customer. While only a few tenants were able to benefit from the sweet gesture, they all were pretty shocked to get a cup of kindness delivered.

“We have those tenants that we really care about and so we try to do the best we can to make their experience better here,” said the Assistant Manager at Lockaway Storage - Shaenfield.

Overall the tenants appreciated the act of generosity. It just goes to show you that you never know how the Lockaway Storage team will reach out with a heartfelt “thank you”.

The Lockaway Storage - Shaenfield team really did a great job making this a meaningful time for all our wonderful customers! Next time you see a Lockaway Storage team member, don’t hesitate to say hello, there might just be a kind word (or a Hershey Kiss) for you in appreciation.

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