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Tips on How Self Storage Can Help Manage Your Business Inventory

Lockaway Storage | June 20, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Are you struggling to find space for your business inventory? Self storage might be the perfect solution for you! A storage unit can help you efficiently manage your inventory and keep your business running smoothly. Utilizing the right features and organizational techniques can also help.

In this article, we will explore popular features Lockaway Storage has that can aid your business and provide tips on keeping your unit organized for maximum benefit.  

Features and Amenities for Convenient Business Inventory Storage

When searching for a storage unit, it's essential to ensure that the facility offers the right features and amenities to keep your inventory safe and accessible. Below are some of the most popular and valuable amenities for business owners.

Drive-Up Unit Access

Drive-up storage units allow you to drive your vehicle directly up to the unit, saving time and effort in loading, unloading, and organizing your items. At Lockaway Storage, we have plenty of drive-up spaces for you to choose from; there is one to fit everyone's personal needs.

Safe & Secure Storage

It is crucial to store your inventory in a safe and secure location. At Lockaway Storage, we offer various security measures such as gated access, NOKE Smart Entry, 24/7 video surveillance, and exterior LED lighting to ensure peace of mind. 

Climate-Controlled Storage

If your inventory is susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures, consider renting one of our climate-controlled units. Typically, at Lockaway Storage, these units maintain a temperature between 68-76 degrees. With these units being temperature controlled, it helps protect your inventory from extreme heat or cold damage. 

Extended Access 

We understand that not every business operates during traditional hours, so we offer access to your unit from 6 AM - 10 PM. If you require special access hours, speak to the manager to see if they can accommodate your needs.

Packages Accepted

When you rent at Lockaway Storage, we offer delivery acceptance at multiple of our locations. With this amenity, your self storage experience could become even more convenient for your business; you can have packages and inventory delivered to the storage facility's front office. No more valuable packages sitting left out somewhere.

Tips for Managing Business Inventory in Self Storage

Once you have rented a storage unit, it's time to make the most of the space. Here are some tips for efficiently managing your business inventory. 

Make a List of Your Items

Once you get your storage unit, you can't just throw everything in it, or else that defeats the purpose of getting a new space to store your inventory. Before moving your inventory into the unit, make a list of every item, including the number of items and their containers, whether that is a checklist or a spreadsheet. This will help you keep track of your inventory and avoid losing track of anything. 

Plan Your Layout

Make things easier, familiarize yourself with the layout of your unit, and how to efficiently store your items. Invest in a shelving unit to organize your boxes by category. For example, use easily accessible shelves for your best sellers and less accessible shelves for less popular items. Using shelves can help clear up space and make it easier to keep track of what you have. Whichever system works best for you and your business, keep a list or map of where your inventory is in your unit.

Get Containers You Can Label

When moving your inventory to your unit, avoid using cardboard boxes, which can develop mold and mildew; instead, use clear plastic containers that you can label. Using labels on your containers will make your inventory tracking system easier, so make sure to label them in a way that is easy to recognize, whether that is the product's SKU (stock-keeping unit) number or the name of your product.

Invest in an Inventory Management Software Program

Consider investing in an inventory management software program; this could be a game changer for your business. Many inventory management systems include integration with e-commerce product listings, shipping label creation, product history data, and more. This will enable you to quickly recognize items that need to be restocked and avoid duplicate orders, ultimately saving you time and money. 

At Lockaway Storage, we are committed to providing you with safe and convenient self storage options. If you need additional space for your business inventory, visit us at to explore your options.

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