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Team Milestone: Happy 5-Year Anniversary to Amy Medrano!

Peter Soto | Oct 17, 2017

Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio team member Amy Medrano, who is celebrating her 5-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage this week.

Amy is a District Manager for Lockaway Storage in San Antonio, Texas.

Amy Medrano at Lockaway Storage

Amy Medrano is a District Manager for Lockaway Storage in San Antonio.

Peter: Hey, Amy! So, is this 5 years?

Amy: It is. This is 5 years.

Peter: Dang, 5 years is a long time at any job. How did you get started with Lockaway Storage?

Amy: Well, my husband and I worked with foster kids for almost 20 years prior to me starting with Lockaway. It was just really taxing on our family, especially our children and as a result we decided to look for something different. It was time for a new chapter. I had actually planned on finishing school and was only a few classes away from starting nursing school when I was hired five years ago and I just completely fell in love with the company as well as the industry and I’ve just never looked back.

Peter: That’s so cool. What caused you to fall in love with the company and industry?

Amy: Just the people and the company’s culture. It’s something that you can’t find anywhere else.

Peter: After 5 years you probably have a ton of stories. Do you have any go-to stories when people ask what it’s like working in self storage?

Amy: Probably my favorite self storage story was when I was managing the WW White location. I had a customer who was always delinquent. He was previously a very successful truck driver, but he fell on hard times. His truck broke down and he eventually lost his job. At one point he was living in his van. Even with all he was going through, he kept in contact with me about his account and he would even work odd jobs to try to make his payments. He would come in and pay $40. He would come in and pay $20 towards his account. I remember one day he came in and he said that he was going to pay me the last $40 he had in his bank account and I told him that our owner wouldn’t want us to take every penny he had knowing that he wouldn’t be able to eat. I just couldn’t do it. I accepted a smaller payment and I told him that I knew that he was good for it, because he always stayed in contact with me. And his eyes just watered up and he was super grateful. I remember the following month around Christmas time, he came back in and he made a small partial payment and he handed me an envelope and told me not to open it until after he left. When I opened it, I found 5 scratch off lottery tickets in there and I just burst into tears, because I knew, you have to remember, this is someone who literally had nothing to his name and it was just such a generous gift, because I knew he chose that over a meal for himself or something like that. At that moment I thought that whatever amount the tickets brought, I would give him every cent. It wasn’t until the next month when he came in to make his partial payment when we scratched them off as a team and, unfortunately he didn’t win anything, but when I was transferred to Rittiman, he was still delinquent, so I asked the new manager to work with him. A few months later he strolled into Rittiman’s office and thanked me for being kind to him when he was behind and he had gotten a new job and was moving into his own apartment and I was just so relieved to know that he was doing well and that our company gives us that option to bend the rules a little bit to help people out and that a lot of companies won’t do that.  

Peter: Amy, you are tugging at my heartstrings this afternoon.

Amy: I know. He was just the best customer.

lockaway storage on rittiman road in San antonio

Lockaway Storage – Rittiman in San Antonio, Texas.


Peter: That is so awesome. I’m sure that made all the difference to him. He was probably using the storage unit as a last resort to hold on to the things that he had left.

Amy: Exactly. He was living in a van, so everything he owned was in that storage unit. It was important to me to make sure he wasn’t auctioned. Our company gives us the flexibility, and thank God it was just a 5×10, so the amount of delinquency wasn’t accruing so much to where he got so far behind that he couldn’t do anything. Yeah, it was so awesome to see that he was caught up and had a smile on his face and he just looked ten years younger, because all of that stress had been removed off of him.  

Peter: Oh, yeah. I bet that is so much stress.

Amy: Yeah.

Peter: That was quite a story, Amy.

Amy: Thanks, haha. It was one of the best ones for sure.

Peter: Haha, do you feel like you have learned anything from self storage specifically that you wouldn’t have learned from other jobs you’ve had in the past?

Amy: You know, with Lockaway, I have learned that I can do more than I thought I could do. This company has really encouraged me to grow and positioned me to be successful both professionally and personally, so it has just kind of elevated me in all aspects of my life. I’m really grateful to be a part of it.

the front sign for Lockaway Storage - WW White in San Antonio

Lockaway Storage – WW White in San Antonio, Texas.

Peter: That’s great. Do you have any hobbies when you’re not at work?

Amy: I’m kind of a cheap skate, so I like to try to recreate restaurant recipes. If I find something that I really like at a restaurant, I’ll come home and try to find out what ingredients it requires. I’ll Google it to see if there are any copycat recipes. I really like to cook. I’d love to go to culinary school, not to open a restaurant, but to learn different techniques and cooking skills. My husband and I watch certain TV shows together. I’m not sure if that’s considered a hobby, but there’s something great about watching your favorite show.

Peter: Absolutely, absolutely. As far as shows go, what are the shows that you and your husband like?

Amy: We watch Suits, Designated Survivor, Heaven Can Wait, This is Us. It’s embarrassing how much TV we watch at night after the kids go to bed. Those are some of my top favorites right now.

Peter: Right on. Very cool. And you live in San Antonio, correct?

Amy: I actually live in Cibolo, just north of San Antonio.

Peter: Do you have any favorite restaurants in the area?

Amy: Well, how much time do you have, Peter? Haha!

Peter: Hahaha!

Amy: Just kidding. I love the Fish City Grill. They have great oyster nachos and crab bisque soup and you can not go wrong with Lupe Tortilla and Papacitas, they have absolutely the best fajitas in San Antonio for sure. I am a total food snob. I love great food and those are some of my top, top favorites.

Peter: I am so hungry now. At the end of these, I alway like to ask if there is anyone at the company who you think deserves a shout out. Is there anyone who has helped you out during your time with Lockaway Storage?

Amy: Definitely. I have to give a shout out to Henry and Jake Medrano, of course! This company has, like I said, elevated my entire family and I am just so proud to be part of it. Also, to my fellow DMs, Misty and Thomas. I know that I can reach out to them when I need help with something at any time. To everyone at the Home Office. A special shout out to Angie and Conrad, they always go above and beyond and are so friendly when you call them. To Randy who will answer his emails in the middle of the night. Everyone is just really awesome in this company, especially Don and Tristina. Don is the most generous person I know and really just one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Tristina’s commitment to the company has just been really inspiring. She is a “Take it to the next level” kind of person. I also have to give a shout out to Marc Gaudet, who eats, drinks and breathes Lockaway. And just to the entire team who are just such a joy to work with on a daily basis. I just appreciate all the hard work they do. I could go on and on.

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