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Self Storage Milestone: Happy 2-Year Anniversary to Chevis Daniels!

Peter Soto | Mar 01, 2018

Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio, TX team member Chevis Daniels, who is celebrating his 2-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage.

Chevis Daniels is the assistant manager at several Lockaway Storage facilities in the San Antonio, TX area.

Chevis is the assistant manager for multiple self storage locations in San Antonio.

Peter: How many years is it that we’re coming up on now, Chevis?

Chevis: We’re going to be coming up on two years now.

Peter: Wow that’s really awesome. In your time with Lockaway Storage have you been at the same location or have you moved around, moved up in the company?

Chevis: Yeah, I moved back to assistant manager and moved teams. I was on Misty’s team. Now I’m on Thomas’ team. Out of the 30+ stores that we have here, I’ve probably worked at at least 14 of them for at least a couple of days.

Peter: Wow! So you’re kind of an expert then, compared to being a newbie the last time we talked?

Chevis: Yes, I guess you could say I’m a little more seasoned.

Peter: Absolutely. So you”ve worked in self storage for another year now. Have you learned anything during the last year or has anything been a point of professional focus for you since the last time we talked?

Chevis: Professionally, with the job, I have been making a point to just come in and get the job done. Hopefully I’m doing a good enough job to be noticed and appreciated. I feel like they appreciate it. As an Assistant Manager, it’s like you have three or four jobs, but my biggest thing is to not leave the place dirty. It’s sometimes difficult, because you try and get everything. I try to leave each facility better than I found it.  

“The stores Chevis works at now are very large, so I was looking for someone who wasn’t just going to fill in. I was looking for someone who could fulfill all of the manager’s duties when the manager’s not there. Chevis fits that role perfectly and he really impacts those stores. Chevis has unique input for each of the stores he works, which is not always easy to do when you work multiple stores.”

Thomas Nannen, Lockaway Storage District Manager

Peter: I think you hit the nail on the head. Consistency is so key when putting together a good team. Having people who show up, get the job done and can be reliable, that is so important for a team. It sounds like you’re really getting that done.

Chevis: Oh yeah, I understand that. It’s not like we’re in a warehouse with 30 people and it’s not like work really comes home with you. I make a big effort to be here every day on time and do what I need to do. That’s the biggest thing, because that’s where it starts.  

Peter: That’s great. Earlier you said that you’ve changed teams since last year. Would you mind telling me a little about the new facilities you’re at?

Chevis: Yeah, I was over at Huebner and Culebra and those were my main stores. Now I’m at Encino and O’Connor. It’s totally different. Each team has their way of doing things. O’Connor is a bigger store, so there are a lot more moving parts. I’m pretty much here for anything at any time. Being able to work at different stores and learning the tricks of the trade, I’m able to put my stamp on things. I love the managers that I have: Brittany, Amy, and Geno. I told them when I came that I wasn’t going to try and reinvent the wheel, just help them do what they’re doing. I’ve got a good closing percentage over here, so it’s been great. Thomas is great and he does a really good job of checking in to see if I need anything. He really makes sure we can run it like we own it.

Peter: Yeah, I was recently at some of the facilities that you work and the managers had nothing but nice things to say about you, so I know they appreciate your help.

Chevis: I feel like it’s one of those things, when a company treats you right, you want to do the same for them. You know, it’s like, “Treat them like you want to be treated.”

Peter: For sure and that mutual respect makes it easy to work anywhere.

Chevis: Right.

Lockaway Storage on O’Connor Road features drive-up storage units, a truck for rent, and a secure key-coded gate.

Peter: Cool, well, I don’t just want to talk about self storage. Have you had any personal milestones during the last year? Any new hobbies or personal development?

Chevis: No, not really. I’m in school full time still. I’ve got a year left on my Bachelor’s degree. It takes up a lot of my time. It’s been nice though. This is one of those jobs where I don’t have to take home a lot at the end of the day. Lockaway Storage has been really flexible helping me with school, so I really appreciate that. They let me know when I started that they like the fact that I am in school and want to support me while I finish. I really appreciate that.

Peter: School is so important and it’s great that Lockaway Storage works with you on your schedule. Would you remind me again what university you’re attending?

Chevis: I’m at Hallmark University and I’m getting my Bachelor’s degree in business management with a speciality in healthcare.

Peter: There you go, there’s always money in healthcare!

“Working with Chevis is always a pleasure. He brings awesome energy. We’re a well oiled machine with Chevis on the team. It’s so nice working with someone who is so family oriented and has such a strong work ethic, who really cares about customer service and keeping the property clean and secure. He knows me so well. Sometimes I will start to say something and he’ll stop me and say, ‘No, Brittany, I already did that,’ It’s such a relief.”

Brittany Clark, Manager at Lockaway Storage Encino 281

Chevis: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I was in the military for seven years and I worked in the health field, so it’s familiar to me.

Peter: Right on. Until graduation just enjoying time and doing the best you can. I get what you’re saying. One other thing I wanted to ask about, are you still living in the San Antonio area?

Chevis: That’s correct.  

Peter: Have you discovered anything new about the area? I remember you said you’ve been in San Antonio for a while now.

Chevis: Yeah, I was stationed here for about 4 and a half years. Then I left for two and a half, because I went to South Korea. Then I went to Mississippi. Then when I got out of the military, I moved back here. That’s been about three and a half years, so eight in all out of the last 11 years. Right now, with school, I don’t have a lot of free time, so I haven’t discovered anything new. I have a podcast too that I do with my brother and that takes up a little bit of time.

Peter: What’s the podcast called?

Chevis: It’s called The Takeover Podcast.

Peter: Really cool. What’s the topic or the genre?

Chevis: I guess you could say we talk about current events, sports. Pretty much we call it barbershop talk, guy talk, garage talk, whatever we feel like on the day. We’ve interviewed some artists. We try to highlight local artists, anybody who’s doing anything positive in the community. We’re local guys who try to be involved in the community.

Peter: Always a good thing to do. Is there anything else going on that you want people to know about?

Chevis: Well, I wouldn’t say my life is boring right now, but it is very one-track. Pretty much school, work, podcast, hanging out with my dog and trying to save some money. I’m trying to eat healthier now, so I guess that’s something that people might want to know.

Peter: What’s your dog’s name?

Chevis: Her name’s Lola. She’s a terrier mix. She’s one and a half.

Peter: Very cute! At the end of these, I always like to ask if there’s anybody you’d like to give a shoutout to. Is there anybody who’s really helped you out over the last year?

Chevis: Misty, Brittany Clark, and Andrew Aue. Those are my people. Those are my go-to people. Oh, and Eddie too. Any time I need anything from those four, they are there for me. They really keep me sane.

Peter: Thank you so much for you time and congratulations on year two!

Chevis: Thanks! No problem. Have a good day.

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