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Self Storage Milestone: Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Sandy Heredia!

Peter Soto | Feb 27, 2018

Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio, TX team member Sandy Heredia, who is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage.

Sandy is an Assistant Manager at Lockaway Storage Loop 410 and Lockaway Storage on Bandera Road.

Peter: Hey, Sandy. How many years with Lockaway are we celebrating today?

Sandy: Well, today is 1 year.

Peter: Congratulations, the first year is always a very exciting time!

Sandy: It is.

Peter: So how did you get started with Lockaway Storage?

Sandy: Honestly, I didn’t. Lockaway called me.

Peter: Oh how’d they do that?

Sandy: I just got a call one day from Ashley… She explained to me that she was from Lockaway Storage, and she’d found my resume on a job board my daughter posted it on, and that’s how she found me. I had 9 years of experience working for another storage company, so she said she was glad she found me.

Peter: Wow, so that kinda makes you an expert then, huh?

Sandy: Yeah, haha, I love working for a storage company – I like the career. I’m very happy with the career.

Peter: Why is that? What about self storage do you like?

Sandy: What I like about the self storage business is I always meet new people and there isn’t a same routine. Meeting new people, I make new friends, in other words. People see that I’m listening to what they’re saying to me, and from there a connection starts. And I make new friends! So I like talking, I am a big people person. That’s why I love working for a self storage company.

Peter: For sure and you get to meet so many types of people because everybody needs self storage.

Sandy: Always, different age groups, different backgrounds, that’s why I love it. Because I’m always learning something new.

Peter: Do you have any stories in the past year of memorable moments?

Sandy: I have a lot of positive memories and I have made wonderful friends. My tenants become my family, I don’t just hear what they’re saying to me, I listen to what they’re saying. That’s how I connect with them and I’m able to give them a little bit of hope and it connects and uplifts them. I have some really nice tenants who will just show up and just give me a hug and say “Hi Sandy!” and that is so neat because those little words that I spoke to them, something like “Hey, you look nice today!”, and now they’ll come into the office because they know they’ll hear something nice again. I go home every day appreciating what I have, appreciating that I go home to a good family because of those daily rituals every day.

“Sandy is just a super team member. All of her managers report that she is a hard worker. She loves to clean, so all of the properties that she works at are really clean, which our customers and our team members really appreciate. She is very easy to get along with. She is open to coaching. I’ve even gone over to the properties that she works at and I see post-it notes covering things I’ve coached her on where she’ll put them up, so I know she is not only accepting the coaching, but she is really implementing it as well.”

– Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage District Manager

Peter: I bet that feels great.

Sandy: Oh my God yes, I can’t complain about my life. Just last week I had one of my tenants call and she said “Every time I talk to you on the phone you always sound happy,” and I said “Well yeah, I’m a happy person. I wake up happy and I don’t give anybody permission to ruin my day.” Those little things to me, I’m happy that they’re all positive things that come out of their mouths, so, yeah, I have tenants that want to pay now in cash or checks because they know they’ll hear something nice when they do.

Peter: That’s really great! It sounds like you really take a lot of care in dealing with customers.

Sandy: Yes, I do.

Peter: So I don’t want to just focus on self storage because you’re not always at work. Do you have any hobbies that you want people to know about?

Sandy: I love Hobby Lobby! Or Michaels. I’m into home decor, I love to decorate my home all the time. I love to decorate differently throughout the year.

Peter: Which Holiday do you like to decorate for the most and why?

Sandy: I would say Christmas because I get a chance to not just decorate the inside of my house but I get to decorate outside as well.

Lockaway Storage on Bandera Road offers a variety of storage options.

Peter: Oh yeah, that’s a great holiday for that. Do you live in the San Antonio area?

Sandy: I do, I am new here to San Antonio. We just got a home built and we live in the Southwest, between Loop 410 and I-35.

Peter: Congrats on having a house built! Is it just you and your husband there?

Sandy: Yes, it’s my husband and me and our youngest son who is graduating from college in May from Saint Phillip’s here in San Antonio.

Peter: Congratulations! What’s he getting his degree in?

Sandy: Thank you, I’m a proud mom. I know that it is something auto-related, and he already has a job offer at the Toyota plant. Yeah as soon as he graduates, he’ll be a full-time employee at the Toyota plant.

Peter: Are there any restaurants near the facilities you work at that you like to frequent?

Sandy: No, I’m actually old school and like to bring my lunch to work everyday. Yeah, I like to cook a lot, so I always make extra and we all bring our lunch to work.  

Peter: Do you have any favorite recipes that you’d like to share?

Sandy: Jeez, it would all be pretty much Mexican. I make a lot of enchiladas, and I make them New Mexico style so I cook with a lot of red and green chiles. In December I make my own tamales and sell them.

Peter: No way!

Sandy: Yeah! I had Misty buy some, Tammye bought some, Andrew bought some, my daughter sold some at her work. I love making tamales, but I make them in November and December only.

“Everyone loves Sandy. She’s great. She likes to learn new things and she is wonderful with customers. It’s been a real pleasure working with her, training her.”

– Misty Wehrer, Manager at Lockaway Storage on Huebner Road

Peter: Why just in December?

Sandy: It’s just a lot of work, I make them from scratch and I only have 2 days off from work, so I don’t really have a lot of time to go through the process. It’s just a lot of work.

Peter: Is there anything that we haven’t talked about that you want people to know?

Sandy: People say I’m crazy, but I love my work, I love working here, and I love to clean. I’m a cleaner! No matter what location they send me to, there’s gonna be a clean office when I leave. The broom and I are BFFs, I love to sweep a lot. I told Andrew, the manager here at Loop 410, that if a day goes by that I don’t sweep, I get depressed. What a life! I wouldn’t want to be a manager because it would take away from my job of cleaning. Assistant managers have a lot of cleaning to do and that’s my favorite.

Peter: Yeah, and I know tenants love to have a clean facility when they come in.

Sandy: Yeah, and I like to hear that. No matter how old your location is, when people see cleanliness, they feel more comfortable. I’m blessed to work at a new location and an old location, and I do my best to keep them clean all the time, because the appearance is so important for renting. I love working with both Jordan and Andrew, I treat them both like my sons, and I really enjoy working with them. They take great care of me – if there’s something heavy, they take care of it. I enjoy that, I’m not just working with my teammates but my sons. They’re like kids, they’re so cute! I’m blessed to have awesome teammates.

Peter: Ha well I usually ask if there’s anybody in the company that deserves a shoutout, is there anyone else in the company that you want to give a shoutout to?

Sandy: I would say Misty. She has become a mentor for me and really pulled me through a lot. When I first started, she’s the one who trained me, and she was always so patient with me. She was my go-to person, and she still is my go-to person. She’s always been able to calm me down, because I panic, and she calms me down and teaches me things. She really helped me be where I am today. I’m also getting to know Amy really well and enjoying working with her. I don’t know a lot of people here yet, but everyone who I meet through Lockaway is awesome. I’ve worked with several people and have yet to be disappointed.

Peter: Wow, sounds like you have a great team to work with!

Lockaway Storage on Northwest Loop 410 offers convenient storage and parking options, with easy highway access from anywhere in San Antonio!

Sandy: Yeah! There are days, I’ve been doing this for 10 years now, that I want to just go home. Coming to Lockaway, I don’t have that feeling – I enjoy coming to work. Even on my 2 days off, I’m looking forward to Tuesday, like hurry up I’m wanting to go work! This is my home, and no matter what location I’m sent to, I’m always ready because I want to meet more team members and get to know them! I don’t mind driving around San Antonio, I really enjoy it a lot.

Peter: I can really tell you enjoy working with Lockaway Storage! Thank you for taking the time to talk about this last year, I know how busy the facility can be, thank you so much!

Sandy: I appreciate it so much! And also to Don, I wouldn’t be where I am today without his voice, he’s such a humble person. I know I’m under good people, I can’t complain.

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