San Antonio Self Storage Property Managers Share Their Morning Routines

Lockaway Storage | March 13, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

At Lockaway Storage, we know morning routines are the key to setting up a successful day. Our property managers each have their own way to start the day that includes walking the grounds, attending to renter needs and a host of other responsibilities. Below are three of our favorite San Antonio self storage managers on how they get their day started.

Corey at Lockaway Storage – Woodlake

drive up self storage with wide lanes in San Antonio

Lockaway Storage – Woodlake has drive up self storage units and wide lanes.

“I’d probably say I like everything about the morning routine. It just gives me a chance to come in and get the store situated the way I like to have it, get everything prepared for my customers who are coming in to move that day. I like to get all of my applications and all of my paperwork set up, so I can have an easy day. For the most part it’s quiet. You don’t have a lot of people coming in and out at the start of the day. If I have a lot of people coming in to move in that day, it gives me a chance to get everything situated, so I don’t have to rush when everybody comes in. A lot of times, my customers come in back-to-back-to-back, so preparing in the morning makes everything go in a smooth flow.“

Andrew at Lockaway Storage – Loop 410

gated entryway at Lockaway Storage - Woodlake

Lockaway Storage – Loop 410 features gated entry, drive up units and wide lanes.

“The morning routine is that I usually just come in, turn the alarm off, check the messages, check the emails, do a walk around the property, make sure nobody’s broken in through my gate and that’s pretty much it with the walk through and then come back, return the calls I need to return, check the gate system to make sure everybody got out on time and that’s pretty much the basic of it. Unless there’s a customer outside or something changes or I’ve got something scheduled in the morning, that’s pretty much the how the first 30 minutes of the day goes.”

Marc at Lockaway Storage – Shaenfield

Lockaway Storage - Shaenfield in San Antonio's front office.

Lockaway Storage – Shaenfield features a resident self storage property manager, very wide lanes, drive up access and RV parking.

“I actually start my morning off with what we call our Performance Training Worksheet, which is very similar to a checklist that you might see with any number of self storage companies, but it also includes key statistics and components and I make sure I review those performance stats before I start. That way, when Jordan and Macy come in, if there’s an area I feel there needs to be adjustment in terms of our daily work then I can help them focus specifically on that area.”

Lockaway Storage

Lockaway Storage
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