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Meet The New Self Storage President – San Antonio, Texas Edition

Peter Soto | Oct 28, 2017

Don Clauson (right) and Travis Morrow (left) at the Texas Meet the President event.

Last week, the Lockaway Storage team in San Antonio, Texas got together for a special event at the San Antonio Food Bank. Travis Morrow has joined Lockaway Storage’s parent company, Strat Property Management, Inc., as the company’s new President – Self Storage Division. Tristina Volesky, Texas Self Storage Vice President, helped organize the event.

“Well. things did not go exactly as planned,” Tristina said. “We originally planned our dinner at the San Antonio Food Bank and we were going to have a very nice dinner catered for the team. We were going to have appetizers and some mingling time. But on the way to the event, I got a phone call from a team member who was already there saying that they weren’t expecting us to come that day. They were expecting us next Friday.

It was then that I panicked. I wanted it to be a nice evening for Travis and our company, but I was already in the car with Don and Travis when they told me this. It didn’t quite go down as planned, but it turned out to be an amazing evening. When I got there, I was surrounded by team members and Ashley, I told her that we needed to get food, so she made a phone call to Bill Miller, which is a bar-b-que place in San Antonio and they prepared a meal for almost 50 people in about 30-45 minutes. They brought that over and we were able to feed everyone. The room was available.Everyone pitched in to set up and the “Meet the President” event was able to continue as planned. I don’t think most people would have noticed if they hadn’t been involved in setting up.

One really cool part was when a representative for the Food Bank got up and gave a talk about how we made an impact with our food drive at the start of the summer and how it helped feed kids throughout the whole the summer. It really hit me that we were all going to go home with full bellies and what a difference providing food can make to a community.

It was the perfect time to introduce Travis to the team. It was amazing how the team worked together, no one complained, and we had a great night. By the end it was a really touching evening that I think goes to show how tight knit we are as a team, our culture, and what we believe. It ended up being a really successful roll out for introducing Travis as our new President.

There are definitely things that are changing, but in a positive way. Travis is bringing storage experience, experience from a big company standpoint. He is giving our team a lot of empowerment and really helping our whole company run in a more professional way. At the same time, he is helping to grow the culture that Don and the rest of the team has grown during the last few years. That’s the most important thing to Don and Randy and I think Travis is going to be a great addition that will make our culture stronger.”

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