Commercial Storage Spotlight: Gabriel Martinez Of Honchos - The House Of Churros

Lockaway Storage | May 25, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Can you say you’ve lived your best life if you haven’t had the joy that is eating a churro? If not, we’ll clue you in: churros are made of strips of fried dough sprinkled generously with sugar and/or cinnamon. While the sweet treat is fairly ubiquitous in the southwest, you will be hard pressed to find a restaurant that makes churros quite like the ones made at Honchos — The House of Churros.

Owner Gabriel Martinez serves up fresh churros a la mode at his two food trucks with a variety of different sauces to go on top. He opened his first food truck location making churros early last year, and after experiencing a high level of demand for the tasty treats, he opened a second food truck location in the area.

With the help of his brother Luis and wife Elisa, they’ve been able to have a successful first year. However Gabriel says that part of that success came from being able to store his food trucks and supplies at Lockaway Storage.

“It’s been great. It’s very close to our location which makes it very, very convenient,” Gabriel said. “The people there are always so amazing and the facility is so clean.”

Cleanliness is especially important to Gabriel, who says he stores non-processed food supplies for making churros at the self storage facility. “It’s a very safe and very clean unit. So for me to get more product I just drive to the facility. If I didn’t have it I would have to put the supplies in my garage which would be really far away and not very good for the supplies.”

Before Gabriel had his food trucks permanently parked at their current locations, he rented a parking spot with Lockaway Storage on Babcock Street in San Antonio. They even had one of their first days of business during a charity event that the facility helped put on for the San Antonio Food Bank. Now their 10×20 unit holds their unprocessed flour, oil, food carts, and everything else they need to keep their trucks in top condition.

We truly appreciate and love all of our customers at Lockaway Storage. However we are extremely happy to help support this local family business that our community has quickly grown to appreciate over the past year. If you think that you might like to own and operate a food truck someday, we can help! Stop by the office or go online to find out how we can help you make your business come to life.

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