Lockaway Storage Cares: Sedric’s San Antonio Ministry

Lockaway Storage | July 17, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

For Sedric Hadnot, property manager at Lockaway Storage – Randolph, in San Antonio, Texas, ministry was always a part of his life. The tradition was rooted in both his mother’s and father’s families. His father was a minister and, to Sedric, taking up the call only felt natural.

“Seeing people’s lives change is very important to me,” Sedric said. “So when I thought, ‘Man, I want to be just like my dad: helping people, seeing people crying.’ My dad doing feeding things, charity work, stuff like that, that’s kind of how it all started.”

Sedric putting his arm around a homeless man.

Sedric Hadnot July, 15 2017 helping to minister to area homeless with Living Faith Fellowship Church San Antonio.

As a child, Sedric helped his father serve by pitching in with duties around their neighborhood church. For almost twenty years, Sedric assisted his father with many of his ministerial duties, gaining first hand experience at a young age that would help him in his future ministry.  

“When I was twelve years old, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, because it was important. I saw some things in my life that weren’t going right. I got into some things that I should not have gotten into and I could see myself being in bondage by holding onto something that was making me be a different, bad person. I didn’t want to be that person.”

To Sedric, being a minister means being a servant of God and devoting all he has spiritually to the people his their community. By listening to the personal questions and life circumstances of the members of the community, Sedric provides a spiritual ear and guidance to those who may feel like something is missing.

Living Faith Fellowship Church San Antonio feeding homeless community members.

Currently Sedric is attending college at Wayland Baptist University and plans to graduate next year with degrees in Ministry and Business. He is preparing a business plan and working on 501c3 paperwork to start his own nonprofit ministry upon graduation.

The purpose of the nonprofit is to help single mothers and fathers get back into school and have the support they need to finish and provide better for their families. At the moment, Sedric has one San Antonio university’s support on this project. He is currently pursuing support from a number of other San Antonio institutions of higher education.

“It motivates them and gives them the confidence to think that they can do it,” Sedric said. “It gives them the confidence to not only take care of their kids, but also do something better for their families. We want to help them with grant money, help to send them to school. Especially single mothers and single fathers, help them with housing, food, clothes and things of that nature.”
For now, his ministry is being pursued with Living Faith Fellowship Church San Antonio. Recently he took donations downtown to feed and aid the downtown area’s homeless population. Most importantly Sedric was able to give spiritual understanding to a part of society that doesn’t often get it.

Living Faith Fellowship Church San Antonio providing area homeless with hygiene product and other home
essentials on July, 15 2017.

Using his experience as a self storage property manager, Sedric has developed real world business skills that will make his nonprofit a success in 2018 and years to come. If you would like to contact Sedric about his ministry or about self storage in the greater San Antonio area, you can reach him at Lockaway Storage – Randolph.

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