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Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Alexis Byrd

Peter Soto | Mar 23, 2017

Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio team member Alexis Byrd, who is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage this week. All interviews are performed by Peter Soto.

Alexis is an assistant manager, and rotates around our facility on Nacogdoches Road, as well as our facilities in Garden Ridge and Schertz.

Alexis Byrd of Lockaway Storage

Alexis Byrd, assistant manager for Lockaway Storage

Peter: So your one-year work anniversary is coming up! How did you get started in self storage?

Alexis: Honestly it’s not like it was a goal, but we knew people who worked here. It was more the specific company that sold me on the job than the actual job itself, so, yeah, we knew some people who were already working here and when we heard about Don and Tristina and them, we were like, “Wow, those are some great people to work for! There aren’t a lot of people like that.”

Peter:  What did you hear about the company that attracted you to it?

Alexis: Mostly it was their generosity really. That was the big one, just the fact that it was such a family oriented company, that whole “STRATitude” thing, I guess was probably what sold us on it the most. The fact that it’s not like you never see the CEO or you never see the VP. They really do their best to try and keep in touch with everybody and know them on a personal basis.

Lockaway Storage - Nacogdoches

Lockaway Storage on Nacogdoches and the Lockaway truck that you can rent

Peter: That’s great to hear. So, after a year, do you have any good self storage stories?

Alexis: Umm… kind of? There are definitely some characters who come into the office, but overall the customers, I think, are really good people. It all feels like family with them. I know one lady; her husband had passed and she just needed someone to talk to and she comes in the office and it went from a rental to just having a conversation human-to-human. I don’t know. That’s one of my favorite things about it is just the fact that to her I’m just a stranger, but she felt comfortable enough venting and I was able to help her get through a hard time.

Peter:: Wow, that’s incredible. People from all backgrounds need self storage. You seem to always meet people at really interesting points in their lives.Do you live in the San Antonio area?

Alexis: Yeah, well, technically we live in Schertz right outside of it, but me personally, I’ve lived in San Antonio my whole life.

I know one lady; her husband had passed and she just needed someone to talk to and she comes in the office and it went from a rental to just having a conversation human-to-human.

Peter: I’ve only been there a few times. What’s something only a local like yourself would know about?

Alexis: Hmm… let’s see. Besides the River Walk and besides the Alamo, I think the flea market is a really fun spot, all those little stores and stuff. The Marketplace, that’s downtown, but it’s not as well known as the River Walk. San Antonio is one of those places where it’s a big city with a small town feel. There are so many people and so many things to do. All the little restaurants you come across, all the little mom and pop shops. There’s this little Italian place down the street and we know the owners. Just little stuff like that, that I don’t feel like you get everywhere you go.    

Peter: What’s the name of that little Italian spot?

Lockaway Storage - Garden Ridge

The billboard for Lockaway Storage in Garden Ridge

Alexis: It’s called Figlios. It’s in this little area called Bracken Village on Nacogdoches. It’s a cute local spot with lots of shops. There’s a little restaurant over there called Grumpy’s Mexican Restaurant. They’re really sweet. They’re the type of people where the walls are covered in pictures of the locals. Everyone who stops in there, they take a picture of them and put it on the wall.   

Peter: That’s great. I love that, so you’re not always at the self storage facility. Do you have any hobbies that people might not know about?

Alexis: In high school I was a dancer and I was in choir, so I’ve got a pretty good singing in the car voice. I definitely like to dance around my kitchen. The gym is always a good way to blow off steam or just stay in good shape. I feel like when I take care of myself my whole mental state is a little bit better.

Peter: That’s so important. Well… that was basically everything I had prepared. I’ve been asking everyone if they would like to give a shout out to anyone in the company. Is there anyone with Lockaway Storage you want to shout out?

Alexis: If I could, I would probably list a whole bunch of people, so I guess I’ll give a shout out to Austin Sanchez, that’s my fiance,  the Medranos: Henry and Amy and then Mike and Aurora Garcia and then Mike Garrison. Those are the two people that I work with. All of them!

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