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Lockaway Storage Halloween Treat Follow Up

Lockaway Storage | November 5, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

At Lockaway Storage, we’re always looking for reasons to celebrate the customers and communities we serve. Which is why four Lockaway Storage facilities decided to hand out treats during the week leading up to Halloween! The participating facilities were Rittiman, W.W. White, Shaenfield, and Crestway.

Customers and residents of the surrounding communities were invited to enjoy candy, cookies, and juice in each of the participating facility’s offices starting on the 27th through Halloween into November 1, 2018. The Manager of Lockaway Storage - Rittiman said the event was well attended by kids and adults alike.

“We had little kids that came by on Halloween and some parents picking up treats to take back home to their kids,” they said. “We decided to start handing out bags of candy on Saturday because most people come in to pay their bills then.”

Leading up to November 1st, a total of 40 bags filled with Snickers, Kit-Kats, cheese puffs, and pretzels were handed out. There were plenty of juice and cookies too!

The Manager at Lockaway Storage - Crestway, both had plenty of adult “trick-or-treaters” who were grateful for the fun snack.

“We definitely had customers coming in to pay their rent, then they would start talking. Some people were like, ‘Oh, man. I haven’t eaten all day!’ So, of course, we encouraged them to take some cookies!” they said.

Lockaway Storage - Crestway gave out candy and delicious Halloween-themed sugar cookies with icing. They even made a special trip through the neighborhood to make sure the surrounding community knew about the event.

“We have an apartment complex right next to the facility, so we put flyers there to let them know that we were doing treats all week and that people and kids should stop by,” the team member said.

A fan of Halloween, and always looking for a way to spread his appreciation for his customers and the greater community, the manager at Lockaway Storage - Crestway said, “We are a business, but we care about the community. We care about the kids having fun. I know that some kids don’t really go anywhere, so we wanted to give them a place to go leading up to, and on, Halloween. My oldest boy is nearly 16, but my other little boy is so excited. At the end of the day, when I see him smile and the kids that came by smile, it made it all worth it.”

Being able to cultivate joy and positive relationships at our facilities is what Lockaway Storage is all about. A team member explained to us how those positive relationships are beneficial not only for customers but also for managers as well.

“We want our customers to want to come to the office and want to build a relationship with us. We know that having a relationship with your customers is one way to retain your customers too, so little treats like this are a good way to do that,” they said. “We have some customers that, even though they’ve moved farther away from the facility, stay with our facility because of the employees. They know we care.”  

It’s always our goal at Lockaway Storage to not only go above and beyond when it comes to customer service, but also thank our tenants for their business. Don’t think the fun stops here! Many other Lockaway Storage managers are already preparing their facilities to accept donations for Toys For Tots. Keep your eyes out for future community and customer appreciation events!

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