The Orchid Lady mural, which features a Dr. Pepper advertisement, Texas and Arkansas street signs, and silent movie actress Corinne Griffith. Photo by Yvonne Howard.

Discovering Texarkana Through Its Murals

Lockaway Storage | July 10, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

The city of Texarkana is part of two worlds. This unique place sits right on the border between Texas and Arkansas (hence the name!), so there's both a Texarkana, TX and a Texarkana, AR. Both parts of the city are full of incredible art of all kinds, but one particular highlight is the murals of Texarkana. Here are some of the must-see pieces of art in the city, ranging from lighthearted interactive murals to honors of local heroes.

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The Scott Joplin Mural

With the Scott Joplin Mural, the city of Texarkana honors its musical background. Joplin, a Texarkana legend, is also known as "The Father of Ragtime Music"; his compositions are some of the most famous ragtime pieces, earning him a Pulitzer Prize. The mural is a visual symphony, combining Joplin's image with musical flourishes and beautiful maple leaves.

Interactive Murals by Chelsea Morgan-Bullock

Chelsea Morgan-Bullock's series of interactive murals deftly combines art and play. Each piece is painted in a way that lets visitors pose with the mural, whether that means being abducted by a painted UFO or taking shelter from an imagined rain of candies and cookies.

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Twice As Fly

Comprising a pair of butterfly wings, the Twice As Fly mural is a joint project made by two local artists. One wing stands for Texas and the other for Arkansas, so brilliantly showing the harmony and beauty of Texarkana. This mural makes a great photo opp if you're looking for a way to show off Texarkana's unique spirit.

Hidden in Nature

Located just a few steps away from Twice As Fly, over on Kress Street, the Hidden in Nature mural honors the natural beauty that can be found throughout both parts of Texarkana. The trees of the mural represent the vivid foliage of the city -- from shaded playgrounds to groves of pine trees and the parks of Texarkana. 

The Orchid Lady

On the side of TLC Burger and Fries, the Orchid Lady mural is a real spectacle. This mural measures a whopping 45 feet long and stands at 17 feet in height. It's modeled after old Dr. Pepper commercials, tailored with Texarkana-specific accents. The artwork features the Texas and Arkansas crossroads sign, the Twin Cities' "Twice As Nice" motto, and a portrait of Texarkana born silent-era movie actress Corinne Griffith. It pays a sentimental homage to Texarkana's history.

Texas Logo Mural

Designed by a local artist, the mural of the TXK emblem gives downtown Texarkana some vivid color. This striking, vivid mural is evidence of the city's local pride and artistic ability.

Parks Murals at Spring Lake Park

When confronted with the old Four States Fair commercial building in Spring Lake Park, residents decided to turn it into art. The walls of the building are covered in murals that celebrate the park -- the beauty of the park, the traditional Scout-O-Rama event, and everyone's Texarkana pride.

Mural at Gateway Farmers Market

The Gateway Farmers Market isn't just a place to purchase fresh, local produce: it's also a community hub honored in a mural created by a Texarkana resident. This mural emphasizes the value of local agriculture and the relationships it generates by showing the liveliness of the market and the happiness it offers to the society.

Texarkana's murals aren't only works of art. They're also storytelling works reflecting the history, culture, and community spirit of the city. Whether you're a visitor or a resident, seeing these murals provides a burst of Texarkana pride. Don't miss the opportunity to view and engage with these incredible pieces of art the next time you are in town.

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