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Schertz Community Crime Forum Follow-Up

Peter Soto | Dec 20, 2018

As you hopefully know, Lockaway Storage hosted a community meeting on Tuesday, December 18th at the Schertz Public Library to address the recent criminal activity at our location on 200 Roy Richards Drive. We are so grateful and appreciative for the current and past customers who shared their concerns and frustrations, and for Officer Helen Lafitte of the Schertz Police Department who was able to attend.

Lockaway Storage is a company that truly cares —we care about our Team Members, our Customers, and our Communities. It was impressive to see a community come together to discuss their concerns and show passion for their city. Again, thank you to those who were able to attend. Many suggestions came from this meeting and we’d like to share some of them with those of you who were unable to attend.

We are immediately implementing the following changes to improve our response in the event of criminal activity:

  • We have identified multiple opportunities to improve communication between our facility team and our community of renters.
  • We have added our customer service email address ( to our website, posted it in the offices of all our locations, and will make sure it is displayed in our monthly newsletter.
  • We have also made clear to our entire team the importance of following all of our operating procedures including immediate communication any time there is an issue with our gate.
  • Any customers affected by criminal activity will be contacted as soon as possible.
  • We have added to our current standard operating procedure that if a break-in does occur, we will not only contact the victimized customer(s), but will also notify all customers via email when a break-in has occurred; even if we do not believe your vehicle or unit was affected.
  • We have added cameras that provide central monitoring. We are working with other security experts to provide more and/or better camera coverage along with finding a better solution for video footage archiving.
  • We have scheduled to have the timer for our gate reset, so it does not close as quickly. While more convenient, this is a concern because leaving the gate open too long also allows for unwanted people to enter the property. We request all customers wait until they see the gate close behind them prior to leaving the gate area. We will also send tips and reminders in our newsletters.
  • We are researching the best way to add lights to the covered RV section. Since last night’s meeting, we have contracted the services of a master electrician who has already surveyed the facility.
  • We will continue working in close cooperation with the Schertz Police Department. They have a code to access our facility and are welcome to patrol our grounds at any time. In the event of any future criminal activity, we plan to provide the SPD with any video surveillance footage we capture.
  • We are conducting a re-training with our current team to make sure all of our processes are being followed. This includes a team member walking the property a minimum of 3 times each day to survey the facility for signs of criminal activity. Due to the size of the facility, the golf cart may be used for a portion of the property, but all areas will be viewed.
  • We are in the process of installing high-speed internet and have contracted with Spectrum. When installation is complete, we will notify all customers of how they can make use of the new wireless internet.
  • We will continue to keep all of you, our valued customers, informed via our newsletter and email.
  • Did you know you have a direct line to our Home Office at any time? We truly care about your experience with us and would love to hear from you directly by sending an email to Please reach out if you have any concerns or just want to let us know what a great job our team is doing!

Again, a sincere thank you to everyone who attended. We appreciate you taking the time to lend your voice to this important community safety conversation. Please know that we are committed to making your self storage experience as easy and convenient as possible, and that we truly care about our community and our customers.