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Commercial Client Highlight – JAS CustomZ

Peter Soto | May 24, 2017
Stephanie and Angel from JAS CustomZ.

Stephanie and Angel from JAS CustomZ.

During the last few years, customizing stainless steel tumblers, such as those made by Yeti, has become big business. With any emerging industry, there are people who are good at it and those who are just trying to make a quick buck.

Lockaway Storage in San Antonio is proud to support local business by providing affordable, convenient self storage and is proud to recommend JAS CustomZ for all of your stainless steel customization needs.

If you’re looking for custom laser engraving or powder coating, JAS CustomZ in San Antonio is the best. As far as we know, they are the only shop in San Antonio that does both laser engraving and powder coating. And they do a great job! You will not have to worry about your stainless steel belongings being damaged when working with JAS CustomZ.

Check out some of their work below or at their website.

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