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Boat Storage Options In San Antonio And How To Prep Your Boat For Winter

Lockaway Storage | August 25, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Specials for boat storage near Boerne Lake can be found at Lockaway Storage - FM 471.

We know that for San Antonio residents, taking the boat out with friends and family is a quintessential summer experience. Who doesn’t love tubing, skiing or just plain going fast on the water? When you’re done with the exciting stuff, you get to coast along the water enjoying the sun find a good place to tie up, and go for a swim. If you’re a fisherman, early mornings on the boat are rare time that’s remembered long after the vacation is over.

Storing Your Boat at a Marina

Storing your boat in San Antonio can be expensive and a hassle. Let Lockaway Storage help you store your boat this winter!

Storing your boat when you aren’t using it presents unique issues for San Antonio residents and those who come here to enjoy the great outdoors. Many of the lakes in the area have very nice marinas that provide slip storage as well as a host of other amenities including detailing, trailer storage, maintenance, brokerage, and restaurants. Costs for these services differ depending on the individual marina and range from multiple hundred dollars a month to thousands of dollars a year. Minimum contracts lasting a year are often standard. Unless you have cash to burn or are planning to spend a great deal of time at a certain lake, marina storage may not be for you.

If something less expensive and more flexible sounds up your alley, storing your boat in San Antonio is easy with Lockaway Storage. Many of our locations can accommodate large boats and other watercraft with both covered and uncovered parking as well as some extra tall drive up units.

Our fees vary between facility, but parking will generally be less than a fraction of the cost of marina fees. Be sure to speak to your facility manager for specifics.

The savings you collect by not paying for storage at a marina can be used to fuel your adventures. Our month-to-month contracts mean that you can come and go as you please. If you are looking for a cost effective, low commitment solution to storing your boat when you aren’t using it, Lockaway Storage is your answer! Find the location most convenient for you on our locations page.

How to Store Your Boat in San Antonio

Lockaway Storage has both covered and uncovered parking for your boat. If outdoor storage isn’t for you, check out our larger storage units!

Before putting your boat away for the winter, be sure to take her out one last time to enjoy the open water. Visit all of your favorite fishing spots, take the kids out tubing one more time. Float under the stars and enjoy the gentle sounds of the end of summer.

Once you’re finished and ready to tuck in for the winter, don’t cut corners to avoid work you will have to do anyway in the spring. Leaving some of these tasks to next year is safe, but many of them could cost you a ton of money in maintenance bills when just a few minutes now would have been enough. As always, consult your owner’s manual – this is just meant to be a starting point!

1. Clean out your boat

Take everything that isn’t attached out. Everything. This will make every step easier, since you won’t have to worry about extraneous items getting in your way. Remove all canvas, wash it, and make sure it’s dry before ideally folding and putting in dry storage. Scrub, mop, and wipe down every surface. Any dirt and corrosion removed now will prevent bigger problems later. Once you’re finished, give everything a nice coat of wax.

2. Perform a visual inspection

While cleaning, you may have noticed issues that require maintenance like chips in paint, exterior damage, and blisters in fiberglass boats. These issues are easy to identify, but you also need to check the harder to see parts like the electrical components Take note of anything that is damaged and have set an appointment to have it fixed during the off season. This is also a good time to carry out upgrades.

3. Flush the cooling system

Raw water cooling systems need to be flushed with fresh water to remove salt and other corrosive materials. If you live in an area with deep winters, run antifreeze to the motor’s water pump as well.

4. Prepare your fuel system, top off and change other fluids

Your gas tank should be filled to the top to avoid condensation build-up while in storage. Change the fuel filter and add marine fuel stabilizer according to the instructions. This will keep the entire system clean while you aren’t using it. Run the engine for a few minutes after adding stabilizer to make sure the system is run through. Top off or change transmission fluid.

5. Service your motor

Lockaway Storage can handle the storage of boats of all sizes, from small fishing boats to personal yachts.

Every engine is different. Generally you will want to start by removing buildup from internal motor components by flushing it with water. Scrub the engine out with soap and water. Rinse well. The fuel line can be drained by running the engine with the fuel line disconnected until it cuts off. At this point, you can apply fogging oil to the interior components. Apply slightly less to the exterior. 

6. Lubricate everything

Depending on the type of boat you have, there may be a number of small systems that should be regularly lubricated. No matter the type you have, a once-over with moisture displacing lubricant should keep the moving metal parts of your vessel in working order. If your boat is transported using a third wheel, this is the perfect time to lube that up too!

7. Prepare your battery

Make sure your battery is fully charged before unhooking its cables. Start with the negative first and then the positive. Inspect the terminals for corrosion and build up. If you notice any, create a solution using one cup of water for every two tablespoons of baking soda and clean the terminals. Remove the battery fully and store indoors if winter temperatures are particularly cold.

8. Apply a cover

Keep dirt, dust, moisture, and pesky critters out of your newly cleaned and serviced boat by securely applying your boat’s cover. Consider using duct tape to shut off any gaps in the cover as well as exhaust ports. Now, you’re done!

Security is Priority 1 for Your Boat

At Lockaway Storage, you can rest assured that our facilities will provide a safe, clean, convenient place to store your boat. Most of our facilities require gate access and are equipped with security cameras. A number of our facilities are run by on-site managers who keep watch over the grounds after access hours. If outdoor storage is not for your prized watercraft, look into our larger covered parking spots and indoor units. We’re sure we have the right size for you!

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