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Lockaway Storage Hacks: Storage In The Heat

Lockaway Storage | September 10, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

As the heat continues to run into fall months, it is important to consider how weather can impact your storage plans. At Lockaway Self Storage, we strive to provide the best storage experience and our storage professionals are experts in navigating the hot months. We’ve gathered their top storage hacks for preparing for the heat.

Planning Ahead

To set yourself up for success, consider what you plan to store and what size unit you will need. Climate-controlled units rent quickly during the summer months, so you’ll want to take inventory of the items you’d like to store ahead of time. This will help you gauge the unit size and type you need. For more information and a video walk-through of sizing, visit our Sizing Guide.

Climate Control: Do you need it?

Climate control is the best way to protect your belongings from heat and humidity damage and prolong their lifetime. Units that are climate-controlled maintain the same temperature and humidity year-round. Consider climate control when storing heat-sensitive items like electronics, paper documents, wood, leather goods, and more.

These items typically require preparation in addition to cool temperatures, so be prepared to clean these items accordingly. Here are some of our professional tips for popular heat-sensitive goods:

  • Wood - Apply a thin coat of wax or furniture polish and wrap in a breathable fabric like cotton once fully dry.
  • Leather - Clean and treat with a leather conditioner to prevent it from drying out. Use furniture blankets to cover.
  • Paper documents - Opt for plastic filing cabinets vs cardboard. These will hold up better long term!
  • Electronics - Read through the manuals for proper disassembly, remove all batteries, and thoroughly dust. Pro-tip: Bag and label accessories and keep them in the same storage container and their compatible device.

Always be sure to check manufactures recommendations for items like furniture and electronics and reach out to our storage professionals if you are unsure if you need climate-controlled storage!

Traditional Storage: Tips for the Heat

Climate-controlled units are a great option for specialty and natural-based goods, but they aren’t necessary in every case! If you opt not to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, there are precautions you can take to keep your items protected from the heat and humidity.

In every case, you’ll want to prep your items through cleaning and allowing everything to fully dry. Consider what you’ll use to pack everything into and plan how you will store it ahead of time.

Below are hacks for storage during high heat periods without climate control.

  • Prepare: Start by thoroughly cleaning furniture and equipment and washing or dry cleaning clothing and linens. Be sure everything is fully dried. Any excess moisture can cause mold and damage your items while in storage.
  • Packing Supplies: What you plan to store and how long it will be stored influences what you should use. If you're moving and in need of temporary storage, cardboard boxes are a cheap and easy way to pack your belongings that will last in the heat for 2 - 3 months. If your items will be stored long term, storage supplies to consider are plastic boxes, vacuum-sealed packaging for clothes, and furniture blankets. These items will protect your belongings from heat and humidity damage the best long term.
  • Storage Expert Hack: Avoid wrapping furniture like leather, suede, and wood in plastic or bubble wrap. These materials are not breathable and can cause moisture build up. Instead, opt for cotton fabric blankets!
  • Move-in: When moving in the heat it is important to work earlier or later in the day to avoid high heat for you and your help. Have a plan on what you will load first. We recommend moving in the largest items first. Keep in mind if you want to access your unit, walkways, and labels of where items will be a lifesaver!

Whether you plan to store in a climate-controlled or traditional storage unit, storing in the heat can be made easier with proper planning and preparation and lots of water!

Now that you're ready to plan your move, find the most convenient Lockaway Storage location for you in and around San Antonio!  With over 30 locations across the San Antonio metro area, you are sure to find a nearby storage facility with friendly storage experts to help you with any storage needs or questions you may have.

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