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Storage Types

Climate-Controlled Self Storage

Do you need to store antique wooden furniture, a record collection, fragile photographs, or artwork? Climate-controlled self storage may be just what you need. This special type of storage works by maintaining temperature and humidity within a set range, protecting your important possessions from the effects of extreme temperatures and changes in humidity. Don’t let your rare record collection melt in the summer heat. Stop your wooden furniture from cracking and splitting with changes in humidity. And help protect your photos, artwork, and legal papers from mildew. Contact our storage professionals to help you decide if climate-controlled self storage is right for you.

Lockaway Storage offers climate-controlled storage in California
Lockaway Storage offers commercial storage in California

Commercial Self Storage

Are you in need of more storage space for your growing business? Does your need for inventory exceed the space in your backroom? Lockaway Storage can help. With the cost of renting additional office space often far exceeding the cost per square foot of a self storage unit, renting storage with us is the affordable choice for your business. And with our wide variety of unit sizes, we can easily accommodate your needs should your business continue growing. Contact our team today for help finding the right storage solution for your business needs.

Document Storage

Do you have legal papers that must be kept for several years, important tax documents, contracts, or records of employment that require storage? Lockaway Storage offers a variety of features that make document storage easier. Drive-up access at all of our facilities makes it fast and convenient to load and unload boxes of documents, while after-hours access at many of our properties means you can retrieve important papers anytime you need them.

In addition, most of our facilities offer climate-controlled storage. This specialized type of self storage regulates temperature and humidity levels in your unit, helping protect fragile documents from damage. In traditional units, changes in humidity in the air can cause warping, mold, and mildew. Climate-controlled storage offers extra peace of mind against costly losses.

Lockaway Storage offers document storage in California
Lockaway Storage offers residential storage in California

Residential Self Storage

Whether you want to make more space in your garage, are clearing space for a new hobby, or are in the process of a remodel or move, a self storage unit at a Lockaway Storage facility is the ideal solution. Rent a unit for as little or as long as you need. And with a variety of unit sizes available, there’s no need to pay for more space than you require.

Vehicle Storage

Many of our locations also offer vehicle storage. This is a great way to protect your investment. Whether it’s an RV, an antique car, a motorcycle, or a boat, our facilities offer the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is being watched over by the self storage experts. And with our state-of-the-art security features you can rest easy between visits. Contact our team today for help choosing your ideal unit or parking space.

Lockaway Storage offers  vehicle storage in California
Lockaway Storage offers seasonal storage in California

Seasonal Self Storage

A self storage unit is ideal for storing decorations and sports equipment between seasons. Protect your delicate Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah, and other holiday decorations from damage that can occur when you are searching the closet or attic for other items. Make it easier to access your winter sports equipment when the mercury drops. Is summer back? Easily pull out your warm-weather toys. Contact the facility near you to learn more about storage options at Lockaway Storage.