Renter Spotlight: Aggravator

Lockaway Storage | August 29, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

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It’s 4 a.m. in San Antonio. Behind the walls of Lockaway Storage, local thrash metal band Aggravator is perfecting their next album. Their music has been described as “neck twisting, violent and utterly destructive thrash” and as, “Raw sound, aggressive music material, brute vocals”.


Aggravator, a thrash metal band from San Antonio currently recording their third full length album in a Lockaway Storage unit.

The howl of punishing drums and wailing guitars can be heard down the hallway when the door to their practice unit is open. So far, the band has recorded two full length albums from their storage unit without any issues.

Recording studio isn’t the first thing you think when looking at the self storage facility, but Lockaway Storage on Bandera road has a whole floor that has been converted into soundproof, personal practice areas. Using extra insulation and sound dampening materials, multiple bands can practice at the same time with very little disturbance. It is not uncommon to walk the floor and hear a different type of music coming from every room: metal to tejano, folk to country.

“[We’ve had] a lot of long nights spent perfecting drum parts and guitar riffs, especially drums,” said Mike Cortes, the drummer for Aggravator. “Finally an area for endless drumming without worrying about noise complaints and a time limit.” The band has 24-hour access and can drum endlessly without worrying about noise complaints or a time limit.

Lockaway Storage is proud to support local music and happy to have Aggravator using our facility to create quality, original music. Check out Aggravator’s music here.

Aggravator on stage.

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