Lockaway Storage’s Sedric Hatnot Travels To Houston To Volunteer And Minister

Lockaway Storage | October 19, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

members of living faith fellowship church

Members of Living Faith Fellowship Church in San Antonio are volunteering and bringing relief aid to Houston, TX.

Today is the last day to bring donations to Lockaway Storage – Randolph for Living Faith Fellowship Church San Antonio’s trip to Houston to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The church has collected a variety of disaster relief items. At this time, Sedric Hatnot, Manager at Lockaway Storage – Randolph and member of Living Faith, has requested that anyone donating at the last minute make a donation of gift bags. These will be used to create individual assistance bags for those in need. These bags will include essentials like water and food as well as comforts like dry sandals.

“We’re going to Houston to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey. I mean, we’re working with a lot of homeless people and children. What I’m personally going to do is take something out of my check and I’m going to buy a whole bunch of sandals and stuff, because walking barefoot is not too pleasant,” Sedric said. “You know how a flood will destroy everything? Especially shoes. You have to walk through water to get out of water, so I am quite sure they have a lot of mold and stuff like that. To have some sandals, something on their feet that hasn’t been wet or damaged, they’ll probably appreciate it.”

Donations can be dropped off at Lockaway Storage – Randolph.

The volunteers, including Sedric, will leave for Houston tomorrow, October, 12.

“We’ve heard it’s pretty bad. There’s another local church up there and they’re helping and saving up and we’ve heard it’s pretty bad. People are homeless, water has damaged everything,” Sedric said. “We want to go and support them, let them know that trouble like this does not always last and encourage them, because, right now, they are going through a rough time.”

In addition to delivering supplies, volunteers from Living Faith will also provide ministry services to those affected by the hurricane.

“Prayer is an awesome tool,” Sedric said. “It helps people feel better when they’ve been through some hard times. We’re there to help however we can. Some of us will be ministering, some of us will be building, whatever they need.”  

Thank you, Sedric! Your family at Lockaway Storage are so happy you are helping our brothers and sisters in Houston get through a difficult time.

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