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Lockaway Storage on De Zavala Road Announces a Customer Appreciation Day!

Peter Soto | Jun 27, 2018

When you think of donuts, do you think that they are a delightful dessert? A special occasion confection? Or perhaps a breakfast of champions? No matter how you perceive the fried dough ring, one thing is certain: they are the perfect way to say thank you.

Of course, if you happen to not be the donut eating type, referral cards are also a pretty great way to say thank you by knocking a few dollars off next month’s rent. That’s why on July 3rd Lockaway Storage on De Zavala Road will be hosting a customer appreciation day consisting of free donuts and referral cards!

The event, which starts once the store opens and goes until the donuts and referral cards run out, is primarily to thank current tenants, says De Zavala’s manager, Damien. “But if a prospective tenant or customer walked in the door, I wouldn’t deny them a doughnut!”

For those interested in the referral cards, Damien gave us the rundown on how it works: “For each referral, a tenant can receive a $50 rent credit. That’s a pretty nice discount, especially if you have a 5×5 climate-controlled unit. They are $52/month here right now, so a referral could get you a month where rent is only $2.  

Not too shabby, huh?  And although a tenant can only claim one rent credit per month, they can get as many as they like. If you refer twelve friends or family members to us throughout the year, you can save yourself $600, plus have the added benefit of knowing your friends, family members, and coworkers are storing with the best self storage company in town.”

Yeah Damien! Not shabby at all! While the donuts may not last long, Damien says they should have enough referral cards to last the day. Most self storage companies don’t take the time to put on customer appreciation events, so we asked Damien why this is the norm at Lockaway Storage.

“Well, the obvious answer is to show them that we appreciate their business,” Damien said. “The not-so-obvious answer is to really show them that they are an integral part of our growth as a store and as a company, and that we recognize and value their contribution. It goes beyond simple ‘appreciation for their business’. Our tenants are here for a reason. They could go anywhere else, including another Lockaway Storage, which I would be fine with, since they are keeping it in the family, but they choose to stay here.  They chose and continue to choose our location over the competition, so we try to give back to them with events like this one, where we promote a mutually beneficial program.”

While it may be a small property event, it still drives home the point that we are endeavoring to grow, and the best part is that all tenants can keep contributing to our growth and save some money in the process.  It truly is a win-win!”

We hope anyone wanting a doughnut goes early, but snagging a referral card might be the sweetest treat of all! It’s all happening in the main office so don’t hesitate to swing by to grab your donut and referral card!


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