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Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Tiara Thompson

Peter Soto | Jun 29, 2017

Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio team member Tiara Thompson, who is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage this week.

Tiara is the Assistant Manager at Lockaway Storage – Converse.

Tiara thompson - lockaway storage

Tiara Thompson is the Assistant Manager at Lockaway Storage – Converse.

Peter: Hey, I appreciate you giving me a call back to talk about your first year with Lockaway Storage.

Tiara: Yeah, it’s one year already.

Peter: That’s great. Congratulations.

Tiara: Thanks, thanks. I’m super excited.

Peter: How did you get started with Lockaway Storage and the self storage industry?

Tiara: Actually in June of last year I moved to San Antonio we needed a storage unit for our stuff, because we were staying with a friend until we got our place. I did a little research and Lockaway Storage popped up and it was the first one I went to go see and I just really, really loved the customer service that I got at the one in Encino and Kevin rented to me and he was just super great and friendly, personable, you know? I saw that they were hiring and my whole thing when I moved here was that I wanted to do something different. I’d never done anything like this, work at a storage facility ever. I’ve always been in customer service, whether that’s retail or surveying or doing anything like that, but I had never worked at an actual storage facility. So I put in my application and I got the job. This is my first job in San Antonio, but I actually started off on the opposite side of the counter. I think that’s such a good story to tell people, my customers, too. I know how it feels to be on the other side, so I try to bring that out in how I work with people.

Peter: That’s great. I don’t that that happens very often when someone is renting and that starts working for a place. That’s kind of rare.

Tiara: Yeah, I don’t think that happens very often.

Peter: What’s it like working for Lockaway Storage, working in self storage property management? How is it different from what you were doing before?

Tiara: Yeah, I did retail and sales. It’s different. I don’t know how to explain it really. Honestly I feel like self storage is more personal. Yeah, we’re corporate, but Don and Tristina, my goodness, the time they spend with us is crazy. They just put so much effort in. And the district managers too. They put so much time into it. It is different. The atmosphere is what makes it the most different. They make everything just so personal. I love it. You won’t want to work for a company you don’t feel connected to and I definitely feel connected to this company.

Peter: What about them makes you feel connected to them?

Tiara: Just how personal they are. Like Don, every time I see him he asks how I’m doing. I know I can call Amy whenever I need if I have a question, she’ll answer. It’s just those little things. Like knowing I can reach out and someone is going to get back to me. That’s so important in any business.

Peter: It sounds like they give you a lot of support.

Tiara: They definitely do.

Peter: You said you moved to San Antonio. What do you like about it after a year?

Tiara: I love it. I love the community. It’s crazy, because San Antonio is such a big city, but the community here is so close. I love that aspect of it, because where I’m from, I’m from Alabama, and that’s how it was. We were all really close. The community was really, really close. I really love that moving out here, moving to a bigger state, I still have that aspect, even though I am in a different city now.

Lockaway storage - converse's front door

Lockaway Storage – Converse provides climate controlled self storage services to the San Antonio community.

Peter: Nice, do you have any hobbies the folks at Lockaway Storage might not know about?

Tiara: Yeah, I love the nature out here. I love going for hikes. I spend a lot of time with my four dogs, haha.

Peter: Whoa, that’s a lot: Do you have any favorite restaurants in San Antonio, Texas?

Tiara: Oh, my God. That is such a hard one, because there is so much food out here(especially chicken tacos). It’s insane. Taco Cabana, I know it’s not an actual restaurant, it’s like fast food, but we don’t have that back home and it is so, so good. The place I usually go the most when I go out to eat is not a restaurant, it’s Bahama Buck’s. We don’t have that back home.

Peter: What is Bahama Bucks?

Tiara: It’s like an ice cream, snowcone kind of shop and it is amazing. They have smoothies, they have ice cream, they have snowcones. It’s great. I actually went there last night. We go there at least once a week, if not more. We don’t have that back home, so that’s probably my favorite. I need to get out more and try all of these different restaurants.

Peter: Back onto self storage. A year is a long time at any job. Do you have any memorable moments or experiences from you time with Lockaway?

Lockaway storage - converse front office.

The front office of Lockaway Storage – Converse in San Antonio, TX.

Tiara: There’s been a couple. There are always super interesting stories. Probably the one that I really connected with was close to when I first moved here. This guy was just moving down and he was having a really hard time. He had rented a truck and it was this big ordeal and he was trying to rush everything, getting his unit and stuff, I just kind of slowed him down and helped him out and he really appreciated that.and I think that was when I realized that we’re really helping people. Life changes are so hard to go through, you know? I just experienced one last year. I think that when people come in here they just come in and expect to get a unit, but I think it’s so important to give them more than that, to give them a good experience and let them know that we’re here for them if they need it. He wrote a really good review of me and it was really nice to know that I helped someone out like that, to know that I really changed their whole entire day, because I stopped to help them and see what I could do.

Peter: That is a really heartwarming story. Those were basically all of the questions I had prepared. At the end of these I like to ask if there is anyone at the company, at Lockaway Storage, that you would like to give a shout-out to. Is there anyone you think deserves a shout out?

Tiara: Definitely Amy; she was the one who interviewed me. She’s just really been there for me making sure I’ve been comfortable this whole entire year. I know that I can call her and ask her anything and she will just be there. She will answer the phone. She’ll text me back and I just really appreciate that. It’s nice to know there’s someone I can call if I need anything. I really appreciate the amount of time she has put into training me and getting me where I need to go in this company.

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