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Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Danny Rios

Peter Soto | Mar 21, 2017

Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio team member Danny Rios, who is celebrating his 1-year anniversary with Lockaway Storage this week. All interviews are performed by Peter Soto.

Peter: How did you get started working for Lockaway?

Danny Rios at Lockaway Storage

Danny Rios is on the San Antonio Maintenance Team for Lockaway Storage

Daniel: Actually, I was renting a storage unit there. I had a 10 by 30 and I had a little detail shop going back there in the back.

Peter: Oh, okay.

Daniel: Yeah, I was doing detail work and I met the owner and he was real cool. Which was the previous owner. Every now and then the gate was getting stuck or it would break down and stuff and he kind of showed me how to maintain on the gate and start the motor. So I just helping him out time to time and one day he just asked me if I wanted to work there and I was like, “Well, yeah.” And that’s how I became working with storage.

Peter: That’s great. That’s great. And so do you work in all of the San Antonio facilities?

Daniel: Yes, we have 30 stores here at Texas in San Antonio.

Peter: Nice, nice. Man, that’s a lot of work. Is it just you that does that?

Daniel: No, no. A buddy of mine, Carlos, he’s the new maintenance guy here and he’s been here like three months also.

Peter: Nice, that’s great. That’s great. It seems like Lockaway is the type of company where like when someone starts working there, they normally say, “Hey, you’re a really hard worker. Do you have anybody who are looking for jobs?” And then somebody pulls in a friend and then it sounds like there are a bunch of groups of friends working there.

Daniel: Yeah. There’s nothing but teams, teams, teams, you know, or just working along and doing what you got to do, so it’s sort of cool.

Peter: That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So how long have you been with Lockaway now?

Lockaway Storage on North Coker Loop

The office for Lockaway Storage near the San Antonio Airport, on North Coker Loop

Daniel: Well this is actually my first year, but, as I said, I was working with A1 Plaza like five, six months before they bought out the company.

Peter: Okay. Yeah. Okay. Nice, nice. So you’ve probably seen a whole lot of different stuff working in storage. Do you have any favorite moments or stories from your time working in the self-storage industry?

Daniel: So many. I just get along with everybody, you know, just so many– Thomas is a great guy and DM he’s the one that’s guiding me through all this, and helping me out, and learning more and more, and all. But there’s so many I just can’t really think.

Peter: Oh, yeah. No worries. I understand. I’m putting you on my spot there with that one. So do you live in the San Antonio area?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. Born and raised here in San Antonio.

Peter: Nice well, hey, so I’ve only been there a couple times. It kind of sounds like you have a locals perspective on things here. If I was going to come visit here in the next few months or maybe over the summer, what’s something that you would say that I should do while I’m in San Antonio that locals may know about, but people who are just visiting may not?

Daniel: The River Walk, going to the zoo, the Witte Museum. There’s so much to do. And then we have a nice big park, Brackenridge Park, and it’s got the Witte Museum. We’ve got the zoo around there. The River Walk is really nice, all the restaurants and stuff. I mean, there’s so much to do here.

Lockaway Storage - Goliad Front Office

The front office at Lockaway Storage on Goliad Road, one of the 30 facilities Danny maintains

Peter: So do you have a favorite restaurant in San Antonio.?

Daniel: Texas Roadhouse is really really good. Steaks and baked potatoes and salad, really, really good.

Peter: Cool. Right on. Well, those are all the questions I’ve been asking everybody for their work anniversaries. But the last question I’ve been asking people to kind of be a little bit of fun with things is, would you like to give a shout out to anybody at Lockaway? Anybody that’s helped you out or just anybody on the team that you would just like to shout out?

Daniel: I like to shout out to Thomas and Misty. They’ve been there for me and helping me out, and going through and learning the process, and the storage, and I mean, it’s all so much a team. And the owner, Don, is an amazing person, and I want to give him a thanks, and he’s one that – him and Tristina hired me, and when I first met anybody, they gave me a chance

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