Commercial Client Profile: Jerry Phillips Of Retrofit

Lockaway Storage | July 20, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Jerry Phillips, proprietor of Retrofit, outside his storage unit at Lockaway Storage.

When it comes to self-storage, you might assume our clientele is primarily made up of residential customers. Actually, a large percentage of our tenants are business owners! Having self storage allows them to store their equipment, inventory, records and everything in between in a safe environment.

Our Lockaway Storage location next to Pleasant Grove Elementary is host to many commercial tenants. Jerry Phillips of commercial and residential remodeling company, Retrofit, has been a customer for more than four years.

Jerry was already using self-storage, but needed a more convenient location. “It was closer to the geographic location of most of the work we do and so it was much more attractive to us to be in that area than to be across town,” he said, “We don’t spend as much time traveling to and from the storage facility to the job.”

Retrofit can handle all kinds of residential and commercial remodeling, but Jerry says their expertise is in kitchen and bathroom work.

No matter the project, Jerry needs a broad range of tools and equipment to get the job done, and uses Lockaway Storage to store them. “I use to own a building that was a warehouse and an office. I sold that building and I moved to a storage facility and then I moved to Lockaway. I store everything from table saws, to screw drivers, and anything in between,” he said.

Alongside the premium location and ability to store all of his company’s tools and equipment, Jerry says he works closely with his facility manager, “Anne Westerman was the manager when we first started renting at this location and now she’s the district manager. We have a great relationship.”

If you own a remodeling business, or are considering starting one, self-storage can be an inexpensive way to ensure that the tools you and your team need are secure and easy to access. So give our office to schedule a time to visit the facility and take a tour! And if you need residential or commercial remodeling in Texarkana, give Jerry Phillips a call!

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