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Self Storage Milestone: Happy First Anniversary to Alyssa!

Self Storage Milestone: Happy First Anniversary to Alyssa!


Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our customers is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with Alyssa, who is celebrating her first anniversary with Lockaway Storage.

Alyssa works at multiple Lockaway Storage locations in Texarkana.

Jodie: Congratulations on one year with Lockaway Storage!

Alyssa: Thank you!

Alyssa works at several Lockaway Storage facilities in Texarkana, Texas.

Jodie: Before Lockaway Storage, where did you work?

Alyssa: I was a stay-at-home Mom. Before that, I was at a place called Fant Eye Care.

Jodie: How did you end up applying at Lockaway Storage?

Alyssa: Well, I was a stay-at-home Mom and needed a little bit of a break and to bring in a little extra money for us. My fiance actually did the window cleaning for the company, and he just happened to ask Miss Ann Westerman if they were hiring and she was like, “As a matter a fact, I am!” It just happened like that because they were looking for part-time and that’s all I was wanting was part-time.

Jodie: That’s awesome! How long were you at Fant Eye Care before you decided to make a change?

Alyssa: About 6 months, I think. Then I stayed home with my daughter until she was almost a year.

Jodie: I can really relate to that! I stayed home with my daughter for a year. She was my last born.

Alyssa: Yup, and it just got to the point where I needed a bit of a break.

Jodie: I understand that! Sounds like it was meant to be. Has this been an easy transition for you?

Alyssa: It has! Everybody has been really helpful and welcoming and the year has just flown by, it doesn’t seem like it’s already almost been a year!

Jodie: Was there anything that surprised you once you started working here?

Alyssa: Not really, because I didn’t know what to expect, so I was just waiting to learn anything. Nothing really surprised me because I’d never been in this business before, so the customer service was the same. I’ve been in customer service for years now, so that’s still the same, but everything else has been different. It’s been fun!

Jodie: That’s awesome! During the past year, is there anyone who has been especially helpful in teaching you the ropes of self storage?

Alyssa: Oh, definitely. That would be Miss Ann Westerman. She has been there for any questions that I’ve had. I know she’s the District Manager, but she’s definitely been helpful. I’ve even contacted her when she’s off and she will help me.

“She is our part-time Assistant Manager. She works one day a week here at Pleasant Grove, which I also manage, and then she works two days a week over at Nash. She is always willing to jump in and cover extra shifts if she is needed at different locations. She is excellent with customers and has a very sweet personality. She gets along with the team very well and is just a valuable part of our team here in Texarkana."

Ann Westerman, District Manager for Lockaway Storage in Texarkana, TX

Jodie: Do you have any advice for someone who is in getting into self storage?

Alyssa: Just don’t have an expectation. Keep your mind open. It’s not for everyone. If you are 100% a people person, keep in mind there are days when you don’t see anyone. Just be patient though and you’ll be fine.

Jodie: Switching gears just a little bit. You talked about your husband who was washing windows for the company. Is he still cleaning windows?

Alyssa: No. His Brother actually has taken over that. He started his own business, so he’s taken over that.

Jodie: Tell me a little bit about your family. Do you have a lot of family in the area?

Alyssa: How has it been working with customers in self storage for the first time?

Alyssa: I do. My Mom and Dad live in the area, several cousins, an Aunt. A lot of my family though is in the Dallas area.

Jodie: Do you have any hobbies you enjoy? I know you said you were a Mom. How old is your daughter?

Alyssa: My Daughter will be 2-years old in February and she is definitely my hobby. She keeps me going! I got a Cricut for Christmas, so I’m hoping to get into making things. I’m also planning a wedding.

Jodie: Oh my goodness, girl. You are going to get addicted to that Cricut! Wow and congratulations. When is your date?

Alyssa: May 25th

Jodie: That’s great! Congratulations. Well, you know, that Cricut is going to come in mighty handy!

“Alyssa does a great job! We can always count on her to be a team player! I’m thankful she’s part of the team!"

Christi, Assistant Manager for Lockaway Storage on New Boston Road in Texarkana, TX

Alyssa: Oh, yes! That’s why I was wanting one for Christmas. I can make a lot of stuff for the wedding and not have to buy it.

Jodie: I have a friend who actually made all of her Christmas presents with her Cricut.

Alyssa: Oh, yes. I’ve already warned my family for the next several Christmas and birthdays they are probably going to get something handmade with this Cricut.

Jodie: That’s really awesome. Well, my goodness, it was good to talk with you!

Alyssa: It was good to talk to you!