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Self Storage Milestone: Happy 5th Anniversary to Lyle Cooper!

Self Storage Milestone: Happy 5th Anniversary to Lyle Cooper!


Here at Lockaway Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Antonio, TX Team Member Lyle Cooper, who is celebrating his 5th anniversary with Lockaway Storage.

Lyle Cooper is the Facility Manager at Lockaway Storage in Schertz, Texas.

You can find Lyle managing Lockaway Storage in Schertz, TX.

Jodie: Hey there! Happy Anniversary! I wanted to ask you a few questions about it today. Does it feel like you’ve been with the company for 5 years?

Lyle: Actually, it’s kinda hard to believe.

Jodie: Why is that?

Lyle: Time flies! If I go back to it and think about where I was when I was hired, it kinda makes sense, but it’s crazy that it’s already been 5 years.

Jodie: Absolutely. What were you doing 5 years ago? Were you in a different industry?

Lyle: I actually was a traveling musician 5 years ago and I stopped now 6 years ago. I did that for about 4 years and then I started renting at the O'Connor location from Don Dodge. He had posted some fliers looking for an assistant, so I asked about it and he told me to apply. That’s how I got the job, because I was slowing down from playing music and was looking for something I could do and be closer to home. That’s how I got the job.

Jodie: Okay, cool. I did read a little about that in the article on your last anniversary. What has actually changed for you in the last year since we spoke?

Lyle: Well, in 2017 my son was born! Now my wife is pregnant with our second child and our family is growing. I’ve moved to another store location on the other side of town, so that’s been fun to take over the store. Working with new managers as well is cool. That’s really all that’s changed. We bought a house in 2017, so we’ve been fixing it up.

“I've had the pleasure of being Lyle's District Manager when he managed our Rittiman location, as well as now at the Schertz location. Lyle has a great Team Member spirit and treats others they way they want to be treated. He really works well with others and is just an all around nice guy! He does a great job of interacting with his customers and has increased the occupancy quite a bit since transferring to Schertz. He is a great problem solver who takes on challenges with a positive attitude. Lyle takes a lot of pride in his property, evident by how well he keeps his property clean and office maintained. I appreciate Lyle's commitment to his property and value how well he represents himself with integrity on a daily basis. It is a privilege to have him on my team."

Amy Medrano, Lockaway Storage District Manager

Jodie: What facility are you currently at right now?

Lyle: I’m at the Schertz location, it’s off I-35 in Schertz.

Jodie: Is that further or closer to your home?

Lyle: That’s actually a lot closer to where we live, so it’s only about a 5-minute drive to work every day if there’s no traffic. That’s part of the reason I transferred and I like being on this side of town. It’s the northeast side of the city.

Jodie: What is your current position at this new location? Are you still an Assistant Manager?

Lyle: I’m the Manager.

Jodie: Great! Is that a new role for you?

Lyle: I was managing the Rittiman location before this store, so it’s pretty much the same role. It has some different amenities that the other facility didn’t have, so it’s a little bit different. It’s a fun facility to work at. It’s a larger facility, so I get my exercise in walking around all day!

Jodie: I bet. How many units do you guys have?

Lyle: It’s about 480 units, but below 500.

Jodie: Is that drastically different than Rittiman?

Lyle: The size is pretty similar, but Rittiman had climate control units. We have a climate control building here, but most of the units are not climate controlled. They are also a little bit larger and we have parking here too.

Jodie: Neat! Do you have some storage for cars and boats?

Lyle: Yup!

“Lyle was my first manager and I worked with him for a little over a year. Lyle has been a big help to me. I continue to use the methods he taught me as I manage here."

Mason Anderson, Manager at Lockaway Storage on Rittiman Road

Jodie: Please explain to me the difference in your day a year ago and your days today? What are the major differences as far as your routine goes?

Lyle: Well, this new facility means I don’t have to sit in traffic, which is a better start and end to my day as well. As far as day-to-day operations, it’s pretty much the same, just a different facility. We didn’t do parking over at Rittiman, so that’s different. When I first took over the store, I tried to do more marketing, trying to bring customers in. We have some new marketing plans rolling out soon, and I’ll be doing that.

Jodie: I know marketing is kinda tricky sometimes when you’re trying to get people in the door and educate them about your facility. What are some key things that you feel like your facility, and you as a manager, have to offer that a competitor can’t offer?

Lyle: We compete with some newer facilities in the area, but we just had some renovations done on the driveway, and we’re going to be doing some more renovations to the facility. I have customers come in and say they have read really great reviews of our facility. I’m working on getting more of those because online marketing is a big part of the business. On top of that, just being an awesome Manager.

Jodie: You’re about to become a Dad for the second time! How old is your first baby?

Lyle: He’s 1-year and 7-months. Actually, tomorrow he will be!

Jodie: Congrats! Happy birthday to him!

Lyle: He’s awesome. He’s a lot of work, but he’s a lot of fun as well. We don’t know what we’re having yet, but we’ll know in a couple weeks. That’s really exciting too. I really enjoy hanging out with the kiddo and enjoy being a Dad.

Lyle posing with his family.

Jodie: That’s great! Have you taught him to play any music yet?

Lyle: We play! He plays a little tiny drum set that we bought him and he kind of tore it apart. I have an electronic kit at home, so I’ll play that and he’ll dance. He really responds to music. I can tell there is a musician in there somewhere. We just try and encourage.

Jodie: Lyle, that’s great. I can appreciate a good Dad! I have a good Dad in my life. They are irreplaceable, so good job with that! Good job being a Manager right now at this new-to-you facility and congratulations on your anniversary!

Lyle: It’s cool to be a part of something. It’s really cool.

Jodie: You take care. Let us know if you need anything!